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Careful with that install....existing xfs partitions

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 18:20
by anomaly65
Hi all,

Just a heads up. On my system with multiple disks (all SSDs in my case), I ran the most recent (16.05) ISO and installer, and selected one disk and it's only partition as "keep it" (no format, etc) and mount it after install on other SSD was complete. the installer proceeded to change the geometry of the partition which rendered it unreadable (no superblock found). Fortunately, I had 2 other identical drives with identical partitions. I fdisk'ed the altered disk, deleted the new partition, and re created a partition that matched up the original start/finish numbers/cylinders exactly, and all went back to normal. (yes, I had backups fortunately).

Suggestion, have backups, and print out the output from

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fdsik -l
Just fair warning to anyone before they attempt such an OS re-install.