Calemares -- xfs root partition no go..

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Calemares -- xfs root partition no go..

Post by anomaly65 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 18:14

Hi all,

GREAT improvement over anaconda. Wow! Using the 16.05 ISO to reinstall just the OS drive.

However, when manually partitioning a single disk for Sabayon, the flags won't stick on the /boot/efi mini-partition, and selecting xfs for root runs into trouble as mentioned here:


Now I'd be content with EXT4, ....BUT.... it is significantly slower, and MUCH more error prone than xfs. I've had systems running both, and the EXT4 root based systems have consistently required something like

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 equo install thunderbird google-chrome chromium  kde-plasma/plasma-meta kde-apps/kdemultimedia-meta --empty 
along with other choice programs to be reinstalled. Not so on xfs. Just works, if I can get Sabayon installed on it. 8 years ago, this was rather simple, now, not so much.

Any guidance or pointers most welcome!!
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