No disk-encryption? How to reinstall my system?

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No disk-encryption? How to reinstall my system?

Postby abadonna » Tue Sep 15, 2015 23:53

For last few years Sabayon has supported disk-encryption in its installer. Recently SL decided to switch from Anaconda to Calamares. Calamares still lacks some features, like... disk-encryption. It is a huge drawback! How am I (and I presume other SL users) supposed to reinstall my system? Of course, I can download an older version (with Anaconda), but time flows and huge amount of packages have been updated since then. I have tried to follow that path, but end-up with a massive delta to be downloaded and some problems on the way. Thank goodness nothing I couldn't fix, but still.

Come on Developers, such drawback after years of supporting disk encryption?! How about maintaining both installers (Anaconda and Calamares) at least until the new one will become usable for all users? Or maybe a guide on how to install latest 15.09 release on encrypted disks?
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