Attempting to install Sabayon 15.07 on removable drive

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Attempting to install Sabayon 15.07 on removable drive

Post by fusion809 » Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:11


In a previous forum post here I asked how to resize a removable drive's Manjaro partition (i.e., a partition on which Manjaro was installed). I had a Sabayon 15.07 (KDE) live USB which I used to create a Sabayon install on this removable drive, but this was later deleted by myself, so I could install Manjaro Linux on this partition. I used this live USB to shrink my Manjaro partition, using the KDE partition manager. This occurred successfully (took a while though, as expected about 20 minutes). But afterwards I ran the Anaconda installer from this live session (selecting the removable drive as where I'd like to install Sabayon, ofc) and it kept giving me the same sort of error. Here is said error.

Hardware specs:
* Intel i5 CPU Core M460 @ 2.53 GHz x 2

I know currently the latest version of Sabayon is 15.08 but from what I understand of UNetBootin (which is how I created this live USB to begin with) once you've make a live USB with it, there's no going back, there's no updating the OS on this USB and I created this live USB when 15.07 was the latest monthly release.

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Re: Attempting to install Sabayon 15.07 on removable drive

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sat Aug 01, 2015 18:38

Don't know, but I suggest installing GParted in the Live Environment and using that to re-partition and re-format the external drive, then try the SL Installer again.

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Re: Attempting to install Sabayon 15.07 on removable drive

Post by wolfden » Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:10

Grab 15.08 as it should not have the anaconda installer. We have dropped anaconda for a different installer so you may have better results with 15.08

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