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compatibility Its getting worse with each release

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:08
by FatRakoon
I have loved Sabayon since v3.5
Annoyingly, in some ways I suppose, but it has been so uterly rock solid for me, that I have never had to delve under the hood to get my hands dirty... I have found that it does everything I need it to with zero effort.

v13.xx was teh last time I had it running well.

v14.xx ( and I do mean 14.1 14.4 and14.10 and so on of coure ) was very installable but I had issues galore and now that I am trying 15 I am completely unable to even get it installed at all?

Whats so much more annoying, is that I try to install 13.xx and it runs flawlessly until it does the updates... I have never been able to pin poinyt what exactly causes the issues I think mainly because it takes so long for it to do them.

Forexample, a fresh install of 13.08 and all I install is ForeFox and it takes me over an hour to do with a whole hosyt of extra files coming down.

My Linux Laptop is a HP DV6 I7 with ATI Graphics and its currently running MINT Mate 17 ( Although I might be going with Kubuntu purely because steam seems to be a little better supported in that , plus I despise the unity crap )

But anyway, I was wondering .. Why me?

Re: compatibility Its getting worse with each release

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 14:38
by rbrick49
well I dont know why you but I installed 15-02.1 a few days ago after running 14-07 from its build and not have one seious problem it all comes down to how you setup your hard drive starting with formatting to gpt then set when ready to install insert dvd or usb restart and enter bios select boot and set to uefi dvd or usb

Re: compatibility Its getting worse with each release

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 14:51
by rbrick49
after you have installed again reboot and open chromium on the home page down the right hand side you will se new install instructions do everyone to the letter in a terminal as root when finished reboot and see what happens I am guessing you arent doing this
let us know how you go please

Re: compatibility Its getting worse with each release

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 14:54
by rbrick49
i have given up on ati and nvidia when you boot your dvd or usb scroll down past start live and look at instalation from memory there is something there abot ati

Re: compatibility Its getting worse with each release

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:31
by FatRakoon
Sorry for the delay everyone, life has happened, and I have simply had to prioritize things.

Im back here for now though.

Ok, well, with 15.02 I am unable to even get it to start the installation process, at all?

When booting from USB, if I try installing, I get so far and then I just end up with a flashing cursor on a blank screen.
When I try Linux, I do get the full desktop up and running ( Im using the KDE x64 ISO ) and when I click on the install Icon, the mouse cursor bounces and then after a few seconds, it stops bouncing and does nothing... Doesnt crash, it just stops bouncing and I get no errors or anything of the sort, I can still meddle about as if nothing happened?

I have tried to have SSD + HD but for some tests, I have made it as simple as I can, and I have put a DVD Drive back in, and I am using just one HD and I get the same issues whether I boot from USB or DVD, and I have also tried downloading the ISO again, and it verifies too!

Again, I can fully install v13 and that works 100% flawlessly, but I update it ( which takes hours ) and then it fails to start up when it has some of the newer files?

My main Linux Machine is a HP DV6 Intel i7 based jobbie with 8GB
I have a couple of other machines that Sabayon 14 also failed on in the very same way, but I have not tried 15 and so I will play about with those while I am testing to see if I hit on something because my main Linux, is back with its proper SSD+HD and running Mint 100% flawlessly and I dont want to keep swapping the disks out every time I want to try something out.

Re: compatibility Its getting worse with each release

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 0:05
by FatRakoon
Quick addition.

I have Sabayon 15.02 running perfectly fine and fully up-to-date under VMWare v11 on my main PC

Today, I downloaded both the KDE and the XFCE versions of 15.03 and in both cases, I was utterly unable to get past the section where I made the partitions... No matter what I did, it would tell me that there was a problem. When I finally managed it, tehj instalker crashed as soon as I started to install.

This I did on the HP 6730B Laptop... On that, I am also using SSD+HD, and this is my previous Linux laptop that has also been doing the very same as the DV6 in that its been flawless in the past but has been failing more and more with newer versions.

Re: compatibility Its getting worse with each release

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 13:03
by FatRakoon
Well well well... V15.03 downloaded and it installed with near to ZERO issues.
Irritatingly, I tried to keep all my data nice and safe and so I ended up installing onto a different HD and then realising that I would be ok, and then in the end I installed half a dozen times for silly reasons.

Its now running absolutely sexily and as I want it to... 15.03 for the win.

Also FWIW I am also able to fully run my PlayonLinux and Steam games as good as ever and I have not even had to install the ATI Catalyst drivers, nor will I bother either.

Im back baby, and I love it.