Installer unusable from XFCE live usb

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Installer unusable from XFCE live usb

Post by freebooter » Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:38

Sabayon noob here so I may have made obvious mistakes.

I tried installing from the XFCE edition by booting into the live de and then running the 'install to hard disk'. Anaconda started but was extremely slow and became unresponsive. Tried twice with the same result.

I then tried rebooting and selecting install from the initial menu instead of going into the live de. This booted into another live de (fluxbox?) and anaconda then ran ok and I could install. There seems to be a problem running anaconda from the XFCE de running live.

The only non-standard thing I did was made a live usb from the iso using unetbootin which needed 3 files manually copied to the usb to get the initial menu to work.

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