Anaconda, GPT & not bootable etc.

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Anaconda, GPT & not bootable etc.

Post by kwacorn » Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:36

I am wishing to install Sabayon Linux 14.11 KDE version to a new HDD which I have partitioned with GPT using cgdisk, the main partition, for root etc., is encrypted and formatted as BTRFS and contains a /backup subvolume in which I have some data stored and would ideally like to keep.

In preparation I have been doing some unsuccessful trial installs on a spare HDD pre-partitioning the HDD using cgdisk to be similar or the same as:

Code: Select all

Part. #     Size        Partition Type            Partition Name
   4        1007.0 KiB  BIOS boot partition       BIOSboot
   1        500.0 MiB   Linux filesystem          BOOT
   2        6.0 GiB     Linux filesystem          encryptedSWAP
   3        68.0 GiB    Linux filesystem          encryptedROOT
encryptedROOT is LUKS encrypted and formatted as BTRFS. It is necessary to do this because Anaconda custom partitioning does not include a BTRFS option. It also seems best not to pre-create the root and home subvolumes.

Without including the BIOS boot partition Anaconda gives an error System, Installation Destination: Error checking storage configuration. With BIOS boot the installation proceeds without problem but on trying to boot the installed system a message is displayed saying no bootable device found and hence the system is unusable. Is there anything I can change so a bootable device is found?

Sabayon installs I have done, as above, in the past using a previous version of Anaconda did result in a bootable system, so am I missing something or doing something wrong with this installation?

Selecting automatic partitioning in the Anaconda installer does result in a bootable system but with an MBR only partition table not GPT (which seems like a backwards step) and any prior data on the HDD is lost.

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