New Anaconda Installer and Linux RAID

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New Anaconda Installer and Linux RAID

Post by shade304 » Mon Jul 28, 2014 22:42

How to partition with the new Anaconda installer? Quite simply the easiest way is to partition before the Installer, although it can be used if you know what you are getting into! When you are presented with the first screen asking your language and keyboard layout, right click some blue desktop space at the bottom and select gnome-terminal. Once it is up you can type "su -" and press enter, there isn't a password, so you will assume root.

Now you can do all the normal types of things, for instance, the installer crashed while installing the bios partition, I'm not sure how or why, but falling back to the desktop with the prompt open, I ran the command "gparted" and deleted the bios partition. Then I ran the command "installer" to start again, and used the anaconda partitioning tool, if the changes don't show up you can push the reset button to scan for changes from the partitioning screen. Then I used the partitioning tool to create a new bios partition, allowing the install to proceed normally.

If you want to install over an existing Linux RAID array, in the open command prompt enter "mdadm --assemble --scan" to put the drives together, allowing them to show up in the disk partitioning tool as a possible target for installation. /dev/md124 will show as 124, but no fear it works..

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