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Installing without LVM [Solved]

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 17:39
by FatRakoon
Ah, I moved off Sabayon a few months back when it kept failing after some updates that I never did find out why, but I want so much to move back, however, now, I have this LVM junk on it.

I dont want it.

I use an SSD for /home ( and a 4MB Swap ) and a proper HD for /home ( and another 4MB swap for a laugh )

Its how I have all my Linux boxes now, and I am NOT going to change that.

So, can anyone tell me how to install sabayon without having that ridiculous LVM, or shall I just drop Sabayon. ( Even though I have been a solid user of Sabayon since v3.5 )

Re: Installing without LVM

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 17:52
by Stupot
When you install, it gives you the option for automatic partitions (with a couple of different layouts, lvm being the default) or to manually partition. It's all there in Anaconda.

Re: Installing without LVM

Posted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 15:27
by albfneto
In the Installer, simple choose " Regular, Conventional" partitioning... It will install without LVM.
not choose automatic partition.

Re: Installing without LVM

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 0:42
by TheOneLaw
LVM is simply a deal-breaker for just a notebook system.
Cannot just plug in a copy of clonezilla or other USB livecd and simply fix things.
More of a problem is having to share a disk with Windows,
using LVM in an EFI-only (no BIOS/cfm/legacy) machine.
It just gets too complicated to pull off,
using the current kinds of images.
It would not be such a drama
if falling back to simple partitioning did not fail also:
Regular single partition fails in a number of scenarios,
notably if you want to omit a swap partition,
(the resulting warning can mortally derail the install process).
I am reading the code to see if there is somewhere we can
simply tell anaconda to skip SWAP altogether,
but haven't found it yet (just started looking)

cheers anyway.
If we can get past this little detail then we can really get our teeth
into showing just how to deal with
INTEL's miserable Bay Frail SoC sdhci train wreck

Re: Installing without LVM

Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:09
by TheOneLaw
More banging my head against the brick wall with Anaconda. :eye:
I feel so much better since I found out that Anaconda's :alien: twisted mentality
is not just a perverse side-effect of trying to install 14.07xfce on an exceedingly uncooperative tablet,
but is also a complete and utter :evil: barfbag :twisted: when you try it on a Laptop (Asus A45a).
The problem is not that it fails but that there is no feedback when you click on any action buttons.
OOPS. :roll:
It does proceed, but at its own pace and giving feedback maybe on a different window than you are looking at.
Use <ALT><TAB> to see how this works.
It is as if the GUI for Anaconda is :?: seriously disconnected somewhere.
I see the reasoning behind the change to Anaconda, in principle it should be a great installer. :mrgreen:
Just not yet, is all. and probably not for a while yet anyway.
It obviously needs work to fit in with the Sabayon user needs, (BOOTLOADER options -Please !-)
which differ substantially from the RedHat kinds of users who have more standardized platforms,
To escape the LVM default choice,
just keep hammering away on the LVM button using spacebar, right-click leftclick and left-right keys
interspersed with clicking <ALT><TAB> until it starts changing.
wait a few seconds between each click and give Anaconda time to digest your clicks,
eventually it will respond but it will probably need more than a few <ALT><TAB>s to get there.
BTW, I have not tried the BTRFS yet, maybe it is a way forward.
LVM :cyclops: is most certainly a borked choice for a default,
just try finding any good tools to deal with fixing LVM/ shrinking LVM/ revising LVM:
- there are -None- in existence.
There are half-hearted attempts to deal with it but they all fall short of being reliable.
I finally used a mashup of tools to fix my latest borked LVM and will eventually look at BTRFS.
I am done with LVM, it is not made for safely "just getting things done",
as when it fails it takes everything with it including all your static data files.
Once you click the [DONE} button you may need to wait awhile during the time Anaconda
decides whether to issue a [WARNING] or an [ERROR] message, or maybe enable the [INSTALL] button.
just keep in mind it moves at its own pace and just because there is no feedback indication
does not mean it is time to proceed or back up and revise your choices.
Lots of coffee helps, pass the time while the installer gets past your partitioning choices.
If, as happened to me far too many times during my experimentation,
you get a dreaded <unknown error> failure, make a note of where it occurs. - copying files, installing, configuring, later ?
It may be something that falls out after all the software is installed and is a simple bootloader error,
which you can fix later. (You can read the failure details which may shed some light on what exit ramp it took)
This is particularly so if the system uses EFI,
where maybe all you need to do is pop in the EFI partition with the right stuff.
- Rod is an EFI deity :@: who knows everything there is to know about EFI, he seriously has his stuff together.
Oh, and BTW, :mrgreen: omitting SWAP :mrgreen: is doable if you submit yourself to the agonies of custom partitioning
(warning - learning curve of sorts, not very intuitive semantics involved either (See AdamW's complaints on RedHat)
Just do a custom partition with a root partition, a boot partition and an EFI if you need it and just skip making Swap.
When you finish you will eventually see a <WARNING> across the bottom but [INSTALL] is enabled.
Be warned, though - if you fall for the <warning> and go back to look at it you will probably end up
doing everything from scratch again unless you get lucky on where you click afterwards.

Re: Installing without LVM

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 0:37
by FatRakoon
Ah been in and out of hospital far too much recently so appologies for not getting back sooner.

Right. the LVM option is greyed out. Nothing I can do, will let me change it.

My Laptops are all running both an SSD to boot from, and a normal HD for data instead of a DVD - I never use them anymore, so why not make the machine that bit quicker instead?

Anyway, I have loved Sabayon for some years now, but I have become a little dissapointed by the last few releases for one reason of another, and so I will download it once more and if I dont have a happy install, then Ithink I will just part ways with Sabayon. I also use MiNT too on one of the Desktop PCs so I will just go with that full time instead!

Thanks guys.

Re: Installing without LVM

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 13:56
by Fitzcarraldo
You can use the SL Text Installer and select 'Standard Partition' instead of 'LVM'. See my blog post How to install Sabayon Linux via the command line using the ‘text installer’ for further details.

Re: Installing without LVM

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:16
by FatRakoon
Thanks guys, I am such a quick responder, its amazing!

Anyway, yes, I realized my error, and thats all sorted out long ago.

Im just replying cos I finally managed to log on to the forums... I had given up trying.