Flashing screen when trying to install

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Flashing screen when trying to install

Post by Alasiac » Wed May 21, 2014 20:39


I tried installing Sabayon KDE/XFCe 14.05 but after choosing any install method in the boot list, I only get a flashing screen and my caps lock LED starts blinking. I'm trying this on an Asus N76V laptop for which I had no issues installing linux mint or other ubuntu verisons. Not sure where to start looking...


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Re: Flashing screen when trying to install

Post by dankasak » Fri Jun 06, 2014 0:29

Try some of the other options in the grub boot menu when you first boot from USB / DVD. There are some 'safe mode' kind of options. You can also hint to use different graphics drivers ( where is this documented ) with kernel args like:


... etc.

It kinda sounds like a kernel oops caused by graphics drivers, but it's hard to say - you don't mention how far it got before this happens.

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