Install 13.08 on HP 4720S

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Baby Hen
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Install 13.08 on HP 4720S

Post by markvdheuvel » Sat Nov 02, 2013 21:23

During boot I select "installation" or "console". On both occasions I end up with a blank screen and no response from notebook. Force power down is all I can. I've tried it with a DVD, USB and a clean harddrive. My HP is a Intel Core i3 notebook with 4 GB RAM, a ATI Mobility Radeon card and a 240GB SSD Disk. Windows and Ubuntu 12.04 are loading perfectly, no problems during installation there. Sabayon however keeps freezing.

P.S. I downloaded the Gnome edition as well as the Minor edition, both the same error

Baby Hen
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Re: Install 13.08 on HP 4720S

Post by dirac33 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:39

hi, I have the same issue. My notebook is Asus kx53sv with i7 6gb and
2 video card. one Intel and another one nvidea gt540m,this is called nvidia optimus.
I try to install sabayon 13.08 kde 64 bit. please, help me.

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Re: Install 13.08 on HP 4720S

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Nov 04, 2013 0:55

I'm not sure, markvdheuvel, but, as you have an ATI Mobility Radeon card, try what I suggested in my post of 28 Oct. 2013 or what anomaly65 suggested in his post of 31 Oct. 2013 in the following thread: Help. Blinking cursor on reboot after updates. It may be that by forcing the use of the open-source Radeon driver instead of the closed-source FGLRX driver, or by disabling kernel mode setting in the case of the closed-source FGLRX driver, you can get to a Desktop. Worth a shot, anyway.

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