Windows 8 installation damaged

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Windows 8 installation damaged

Post by eugene28 » Thu May 09, 2013 23:36

I do not really undertand what has happened. Wrote 13.04 KDE edition image with Lili usb creator on 8gb usb drive. Booted my freshly bought Asus laptop with UEFI. Once Sabayon booted I decided not to risk and plugged another 16gb usb drive. Installed Sabayon onto 16gb usb which was sdc1. When installed asked to write Grub2 boot-loader I chosen sdc1. Now Grub2 written to usb drive and I can boot to Sabayon. I have 2 Windows 8 entries Windows 8 and Recovery. But when I try to boot either of them I get /boot/bcd error. "The Boot Configuration data for your pc is missing or invalid" When I try to boot without usb inserted I get "Reboot and select proper boot device." Question is why Anaconda installer removed GPT partition table from hard drive, when I never asked to do what? How do I get it fixed with bloody Uefi bios?

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Re: Windows 8 installation damaged

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Fri May 10, 2013 0:16

Well, I don't have Windows 8 and I don't have UEFI or GPT, but I did have a problem somewhat similar to yours with Windows 7 a few years ago (caused by Windows 7 itself, not by installing Linux to dual boot, by the way), and I used the Windows Recovery DVD and the Microsoft bootrec.exe command from the Windows command line to fix the boot sector and the Windows BCD. The following tutorial indicates that bootrec.exe from a Windows 8 Recovery disc can also fix some Windows BCD problems in the case of Windows 8. So you might want to try that:

Fixing Windows 8: Common BCD errors can be fixed using bootrec.exe

I hope it helps. Good luck.

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