sabayon 11 mate desktop environment gone

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sabayon 11 mate desktop environment gone

Post by MrJ » Thu Mar 21, 2013 15:28

i tried log out of mate to one of the options . i think lxde like for desktop and tried loging back to mate now it says i have desktop for mate and gives me only a cmd prompt for login and password. i did encrpyt my hdd so i would like to know what options i have of getting my mate desktop back. i tried recovery mode and same thing cmd prompt. :(

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Re: sabayon 11 mate desktop environment gone

Post by Matte88 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 0:34

Enter LXDE (if working fine this, I hope), sure that internet connection works, then open up a terminal and

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# equo up --force
# equo i -av entropy
# equo u -av --multifetch 10
# equo dt
# equo lt
Once everything is done, reboot your system and at login screen choose MATE, the try logging in.
If nothing changed, please post output of

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# cat /var/log/messages
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