Dual boot/install problems with an other Linux dist [Solved]

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Re: Dual boot/install problems with an other Linux distro

Postby wolfden » Thu Jan 17, 2013 19:28

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Hm, maybe write a [SOLVED] in the subject first? ;-)

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Re: Dual boot/install problems with an other Linux dist [Sol

Postby necrose » Sat Mar 02, 2013 0:24

For Windows 7 on a system with More than One drive , and using the defacto windows Boot loader
Neosmart neogrub works fine as a Linux Loader , it will boot to neo-grub, look for grub on a specified or any drive then chain-load the grub on the Linux drive without issue.

Neosmart makes a BCD GUI Editor so for your windows user it will default to boot Windows but give a menu to boot Sabayon , Etc Etc from windows boot loader.

so you'll get a windows boot menu (T-n) n=30 secounds or ? specified. then windows will boot.
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