Sabayon 5.2_64 graphics issues on install

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Sabayon 5.2_64 graphics issues on install

Post by DerKraken » Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:01

Hello all and thank you in advance :)

I have been trying to get a good install with the latest 5.2_64bit dvd iso and it passed MD5. When I run the live cd it's at least gives me some graphic albeit low res 1024x768. When I install, and use the graphic interface I can barely read some of the text, and some not at all and when I get to the point to install it breaks and cannot install. I tried the text install which was much nicer on the eyes, however it ended up giving me an install that comes up to a command prompt. I tried to startx and then it said "Display not set" so I did a couple of searches and followed what a couple of them said, one was configuring x and I got something going, but the res was way to low and no desktop and the like, very basic linux X display setup.

Any ideas on how to get this up and running would be greatly appreciated. I would rather have an reinstall option that just worked.

My comp is an emachines Media Center PC T6520 amd 3400+ 200gb sata drive, 1gb ram, graphic is ATI Radeon express 200 which is on board however I do have a pci express slot available and I can a card for that if need be.

UPDATE:Tried the cheatcode for ati and the graphic installer is still basically unreadable, however, I believe since the text based installer did the format/partition, the graphic installer is progressing past where it was before. Will update after install is finished.

UPDATE 2:Looks like that was a success to some degree, we have an install and It's running 640x480 runing on basic drivers, doing the system update looks like another 2gig to download and process, hey it's progress right? Next update after system update is finished, this seems promising. That's a pretty hefty beginning for an install isn't it?


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Re: Sabayon 5.2_64 graphics issues on install

Post by manilaph » Wed May 05, 2010 1:00

I had a somewhat similar experience with a fresh-install of 5.2 and so I took one step backward.

I re-installed 5.1r-1 and then did all the updates (4 hours worth and more than a thousand packages) and now I am on 5.2 but using the older kernel. I believe the newer kernel is what is making the errors.

Everything is working perfectly right now.

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Re: Sabayon 5.2_64 graphics issues on install

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Wed May 05, 2010 1:26

DerKraken wrote:UPDATE:Tried the cheatcode for ati
You used xdriver=radeon, right? That would be your best bet, not the closed-source fglrx driver.

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