PreInstall Crash Sabayon 5.2 64 bit advice needed.

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Baby Hen
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PreInstall Crash Sabayon 5.2 64 bit advice needed.

Post by todd » Thu Apr 01, 2010 16:29

Hi all.

I am having a similar problem to some other people with the Sabayon install.
After having proceeded through the initial options and starting the actual install i receive a PreInstall error.
I have filed a bug report at Comment no. 8.
I have read the previous posts by Fabio and understand that to get past this problem i should apply the patch he has supplied.

My issue lies in the fact that to install Sabayon i have to boot from the Sabayon dvd. However once the OS is up and running I cannot patch the appropriate file as it reside on the read only dvd. I did however have the presence of mind to copy the file in question to the desktop, ran the patch and kept a copy of the newly patched file on a backup drive.

My issue now is, how do i go about in effect remastering the Sabayon dvd with the newly patched file, so that i can boot and install from a live Sabayon dvd?

Any help appreciated.

Growing Hen
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Re: PreInstall Crash Sabayon 5.2 64 bit advice needed.

Post by Sisko43 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:54

I reproduced the error on my old laptop. When you do a manual setup of your new partition without using LVM and/or the ext4-filesystem it should work. I created a "/boot", "root" and "/home"-Partition all in ext3 and it installed flawless. On the second run boot was ext3 the rest xfs. Again a flawless installation...
Third run changed boot to ext 4 the rest xfs: ERROR....

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