is sabayon installing?

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is sabayon installing?

Postby memet » Sun Mar 21, 2010 23:43

I've started the graphical installation of Sabayon and left the computer. When I returned the installation process was around 70%.
Trying to find out what is there in the menus, I changed the desktop environment and now I cannot see how the installation is going (or if it's installing). Is there anything that I can do other than waiting?
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Re: is sabayon installing?

Postby throdon » Mon Mar 22, 2010 0:08

if I am understanding you correctly.

you had the live DVD up running and working.
using the shortcut on the desktop you double clicked on the shortcut, updated the installer, quit and it reloaded the installer you ran through it and then installed and it stalled at 70% ?

then you changed desktop environments while it was still installing/stalled at 70% ?

just trying to find out what you did so people can understand the events that happened so we can give advice.

also try to include some info about what kind of computer and hardware you have(nvidia, ATI, intel)

check out the new user resources bookmark this and read it while you are waiting for more people to answer this.
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Re: is sabayon installing?

Postby memet » Mon Mar 22, 2010 0:26

Sorry, I am aware that the description was not clear but it's because I did not understand what happened neither.

Without starting the live cd environment, I selected graphical install option. I have made the language selection, keyboard layout selection and manual partitioning, and at last it started the installation within a fluxbox screen. Yes, around 70%, I changed desktop environments (I was prompted to enter a username and password, root and blank password was ok). When I entered the gnome, the installation tab was not present. I logged out again and returned to fluxbox, the installation tab was not there either.

System is all around minimum:
1.7 celeron processor
512 ram
Nvidia GeForce 5200 graphics card
20 GB hdd for Sabayon installation (ext3) and 1 gb swap; no separate home partition.

I was not able to find any clue in the tutorials but there may be some light: in case of damaged cd or power outage, does sabayon continue installation after reboot (I know some linux distros and windows do resume)? If the answer is yes, the problem is solved after a reboot. Gentoo documentation says I can resume it but I have to save the configuration. At the moment I am not able to save anything.

DvdRom is silent as if there is nothing happening (btw, it should have been finished until now)
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Re: is sabayon installing?

Postby memet » Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:27

Ok, I decided to wait no more and restarted the computer. The Sabayon Installer found the uncompleted installation and asked me if I wanted to repair it. I clicked yes, but the partition could not be mounted; so I have to restart the installation now. For the information of other newbies: do not choose a window manager via the "fluxbox menu>window managers" during the installation or everything gets messed up! The installation process, as far as I understand, is accomplished as a task in the live cd, so once you are logged out, the task is aborted and you cannot turn back.
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Re: is sabayon installing?

Postby thecata » Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:54

To clarify: when you switch desktop environments you actually logout and relogin with the new desktop. And when you logout, you generally kill all the graphical applications running in your desktop (you can select "switch users" or something like that in order to keep your current applications running - you could probably login with the same user under a different window manager but I can't say for sure, since I usually have only 1 user on my workstation... a user which runs KDE or no graphical environment at all).
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