Sun VirtualBox installation unable due window size

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Sun VirtualBox installation unable due window size

Post by algeorge » Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:54

Hi I have got the livecd working in Virtualbox. As it boots up, the VB screen is full, then at entry screen it defaults down to 800x600 without being able to be changed. Sabayon looks really good, and so tried to install it, but its not possible due to the smaller window covering the installation mainform buttons at the bottom.
Question is how do I set Sabayon in VirtualBox so that it fills the screen with a reasonable resolution eg 1024x768 or more. I have tried internal settings of screen resolution but none seem to work. The graphics card is a Nvidia Geoforce 7300. I'm wondering if Virtualbox overrides the hardware and defaults to a generic resolution and if so, if there is a method that works to defeat this and have the lovely wide, full screen that it starts up with?

Incidentally, PCLinuxOS sets graphic mode in Virtualbox so it occupies the full screen as expected, so there must be some settings that Sabayon can have tweaked to get it right.
Thank you.
Using LiveCD select key option VGA, then the screen resolution that you need. It works - very basic really :oops:

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