versions of sab linux

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versions of sab linux

Post by smokin » Mon Aug 24, 2009 0:05

Hi i was wondering what version i download for exsample "Sabayon_Linux_4.2_amd64_G.iso" or Sabayon_Linux_4.2_x86_G.iso or Sabayon-Linux-x86-4-r1.iso... Not sure which one to download? If i download it do i burn it to a cd then run it off as a live cd? or can i order a live cd? Am sorry what i am asking is what do these different versions mean ,how do i know which one is the right one to download? LAst question when the download is finished do i burn it to a cd then run it off the cd?

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Re: versions of sab linux

Post by albfneto » Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:24

The 4.0 ri versions are older. they have many packages, but update is very difficult.... they are now obsolete.
The new versions are 4.2...

4.2 G is 4,2 with the graphical interface GNOME, as Ubuntu...
4.2 K is the 4.2 version with KDE as graphical environ.

x86 versions are for computers of 32 bits......
64 versions are for comps of 64 bits...

therefore you can choose the the version of 32 or 64 bits, conform is your computer...
choose also if you wnat touse KDE (K versions) or GNOME (G versions).
choose the version, download it... is an ISO...
the burn it in a commercially available DVD ( empty midia) if you use olnly windows, you mau burn the DVD using Nero, anc choosing "write from image"... the burn as slow as possible!!!
Then reboot the comp. with the DVD in the drive.
Sabayon is Live DVD, you may use Sabayon from tthe DVD or also you may install it in the HDD
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Re: versions of sab linux

Post by joeoden » Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:37

smokin wrote:Not sure which one to download?
The latest one (4.2)
smokin wrote:wondering what version i download
Depends on your computer is it 32 bit (x86 only) or 64 bit (will run both)
I use x86 on all my OLDER 32 bit computers
I use amd64 on all my NEWER 64 bit computers

Others prefer to use x86 (but will not see anymore than 3gig ram) my opinion is why use a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit machine when 64 bit OS is available
smokin wrote:do i burn it to a cd then run it off the cd?
Is up to you (DVD or/and USB)
Live DVD runs slower than Hard Drive
Installed to Hard drive runs faster than Live DVD

I did a search for "32bit or 64bit" in the sabayon forum (You should have done, because not first time this question been asked) this maybe of interest ... t+or+64bit
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