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Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 20:22
by Hexwolf
I've tried unsuccessfully to be able to install Kubuntu, Sabayon and Vista on the same laptop hard drive for awhile now, so I figured it might be time to check out the community here. Ideally, I'd like to use a partition to store most all media so that both Kubuntu and Sabayon could access it, however, I don't quite know what partition type would allow me to do something like that.

I've had all three operating systems installed at once, however, the last operating system to be installed was the one I was able to boot to, I was unable to amend the bootloader to find the other Linux operating system.

So, knowing these concerns, can anyone recommend a good partitioning scheme and likewise provide some instruction in regards to the installation of both Sabayon and Kubuntu?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 23:40
by dunsurfin
I have Sabayon, XP, Fedora 8 and Elive on my system which is one hard drive with 10 partitions (more than I need but I did the partitioning before I realised that!).
First of all you need to remember that the Vista partition can only safely be resized using it's own disc resizer. The way I have it is 3 partitions for XP (OS and programmes on one, a separate NTFS partition for data, and a third smaller data partition of FAT32 to make that data easily readable by any system), 3 partitions for Sabayon (/, home and swap), and 2 partitions for each of the other linux systems (I change these often - they satisfy the distro slut in me). The important thing I found was the order of installation. XP first (Vista in your case), Sabayon second and the others third and fourth. Sabayon will add your Vista to Grub, Kubuntu will add Sabayon and Vista to Grub so there should be no problem for you. However I always make a copy of /boot/grub/menu.lst to removable media each time I install a Linux distro and can use that to copy and paste any necessary entries into a new menu.lst if an installer misses anything off on a subsequent installation. So my suggestion is 2 partitions for Vista ( one for Data) and 2 each for Sabayon and Kubuntu with a shared swap partition and install in that order. Sabayon will automatically mount your Vista partitions but you'll need to configure Kubuntu yourself to do that.

Re: Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 0:43
by Hexwolf
Is there a partition besides FAT32 that can be read amongst each OS? Originally I just wanted a media partition such that the Linux distros could access it, I don't really mind if Vista can read or write to it, though if it's possible I wouldn't mind it. I'm still unsure of what kind of partition could be created such that both (possibly three) linux distros could read and write to it and likewise, if I can do that, how much space to allot each Linux OS.

I usually use gparted to reformat the entire drive, create a 30 gig NTFS partition and leave two more unformatted partitions for Sabayon and Kubuntu in this case. However, I do like the idea of creating three NTFS partitons for Vista to install programs to and save data two and finally the third partition for being for the Vista installation. The swap partition for Sabayon always seems to appear in the LVM, so I was unsure of whether or not Kubuntu could make use of it, so I usually created the one swap in the LVM and another in the available partition that I allot Kubuntu.

Thanks for your input thus far, if you can build off of this, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Re: Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:50
by dunsurfin
As far as I know, NTFS can be read by almost all systems. The reason I have a FAT32 partition is that most Linux distros can read and write to it without any further input - it's really a matter of personal choice. I do know that Sabayon can read and write to NTFS "out of the box" but that Kubuntu requires some extra effort before it will do so.
I'm afraid I can't help you on partition size as that, again, is down to personal choice and hardware/software limitations. It will depend on your HD size and what version of Sabayon you put on.
Swap partitions are something I'm very hazy on - originally I created one for each distro but found that something like Kubuntu would then grab all 3! Against advice I run Sabayon with no swap - just as I run XP with no page file.
I'd already created my partitions with Partition Magic so have no real experience of gparted and I always choose custom install and never let an installer choose for me.
Hope that helps - best of luck.

Re: Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:49
by Hexwolf
Isn't FAT32 limited in regards to how large you can make a FAT32 partition?

I believe the partition scheme I'm going for is about

~35 gigs NTFS for Vista
~20 gigs Sabayon
~20 gigs Kubuntu
~2 gig swap
~75 gig read/write partition (NTFS or FAT32?)

The problem I'm having is that I get Vista on fine, however, when loading Sabayon I make sure to leave the 2 twenty gig partitions unformatted to have Sabayon automatically find one and install, however, it tells me it can't find a / partition, and I've had no luck duplicating the partitioning scheme for Sabayon to be installed.

Thanks for the input thus far, however.

Re: Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:40
by Hexwolf
I'm also having difficulties in installing the two Linux distros in that the Mount point for Sabayon is currently set to "/" while the Kubuntu won't mount to "/". Meaning that I don't quite have as clear a grasp on Mount points as I thought I did, if anyone could point me to some worthwhile reading material or summarize Mount points and the implications of two Linux distros, I'd deeply appreciate the input.

Re: Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 8:55
by dunsurfin
I think that the size problem with FAT32 concerned the older Operating Systems and the BIOS. You should be OK with your suggested layout as FAT32 or NTFS but I'm not sure on this - there may be a problem with adding files larger than 2GB to FAT32 and perhaps someone more knowledgeable will answer that point. When Installing Sabayon you need to format the partition so that it can install. Are you using custom install? I'm not sure what your problem is about mount points. When I install, the installer creates the / mount point when I tell it to (edit partition).

Re: Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:37
by dukdukgoos
I use ext3 for my data partition and use an IFS driver to allow Windows to read and write it.

Works well for me. Don't both with FAT32, it's a horrible file system.

Re: Installing Kubuntu, Vista and Sabayon on same HD

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 14:46
by lyhana8
i'm just format my disk to a put a dual boot Kubuntu/gentoo -> sabayon. I'm still downloading sabayon :), but here is my partition table :

# Dual boot partitionning
#Partition = size
/ubuntu = 4Go # Gnome + KDE + various install + 550 Mo
/gentoo = 5Go
/home = 1Go # Common to both distro, mount ./Desktop from data partition (cf. /mnt/xxxx)
/var = 1Go # 300Mo < free space during use < 500Mo
#/tmp = 0Go in each /ubuntu and /gentoo or mounting in RAM (cf. Manu a friend, not done)
swap = 512Mo # shared between both distro => /!\ no « suspend to disk »
/mnt/sdaxx = remain space

DON'T SHAREABLE or strongly discouraged
/usr = executable => version conflict
/boot = to each distro

Look like :
[[/gentoo ][/ubuntu ]] [swap] [[/home ][/var]] [/mnt/sdaxx ]

I used ext3 FS for whole system, before i was under reiserFS. ext can be read under windows XP using some software ... fs-old.htm

good luck to you