Windows Vista, and Sabayon on seperate hard drives

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Windows Vista, and Sabayon on seperate hard drives

Postby haxmeister » Thu Oct 25, 2007 22:08

After being told that I don't know enough about linux to get sabayon to work next to windows on my NVRAID set up, I disabled the RAID setup and now have them as 2 seperate 80gig drives.

My problems is simple...

When I install sabayon on either drive, it makes Vista incapable of booting.. and unable to repair itself. I have reinstalled Vista several times, paying careful attention to where it installs and how the partitions are set. I have done the same with Sabayon using the graphical installation tool during liveCD session.

Is there not a way to have Sabayon install (ignoring the windows drive) shy of physically removing one of the drives for each of the installations?

If more information is needed, fire away... I'm a PC repair Technician and am familiar with partitioning/swapdrives...etc... not all that familiar with linux commands, although not incapable. I want Linux in dual boot, which could be managed by my motherboard (it allows you to select where to boot from during the boot process).

Any Ideas?
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Re: Windows Vista, and Sabayon on seperate hard drives

Postby Stupot » Thu Oct 25, 2007 22:56

I'm not one hundred percent for sure on this, because I have my Vista and Sabayon on the same hard drive, different partitions, but what I would suggest is this.
Install Vista on one hard drive first. When installing Sabayon on the other hard drive, do the advanced configuration of grub (during install) and switch the drive order, so you don't overwrite Vista's boot manager. In order to boot Vista, you have to keep it's bootloader installed, but you can switch to it from grub (should be autodetected). After that, you should be good to go.
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Re: Windows Vista, and Sabayon on seperate hard drives

Postby haxmeister » Thu Oct 25, 2007 23:34

Thanks for the help.

I seem to have them both working and accessible now (Vista and Sabayon) and accomplished this by reading your post and a post from someone with the same problem when installing a different linux version. Thank you for bringing to my attention that the windows bootloader had been the problem.

1. Installed Windows Vista on one of the hard drives first
2. Installed Sabayon from the live CD on the other hard drive (windows will not boot after this)
3. booted to Sabyon's LIVE CD (not to the new install) and selected the "install to disk" icon again.
4. worked my way through this dialog but selecting that I wanted to upgrade/repair the installation that is already there.
5. select the option to change the bootloader (GRUB) only
6. in the bootloader window it showed Sabayon installed and it also showed an OS installation on the other hard drive that was not labeled at all. I deduced of course that this must be Windows Vista and highlighted it, labeled it "Vista" and hit "OK".
7. I continued through the dialog process which was then set to only change the bootloader (not reinstall). Upon execution it only took about 3 seconds.
8. After removing the CD I rebooted the computer which immediately booted to the GRUB bootloader screen.
9. I selected "Vista" from the choices in the bootloader screen (which is the label I had myself applied to it) and hit enter.
10. At this point the boot process is handed over to the windows bootloader and windows boots up fine.... done deal
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