Download problems with md5 [Solved]

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Download problems with md5 [Solved]

Postby cmarcel » Tue Oct 09, 2007 23:18

Is the md5 correct from the mirror?
645600788920443b372baae3544acffa SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.4f.iso

I have downloaded 5+ times and every time it fails to pass the check sum. All my downloads come up with the same consistent check sum.
2ee69db6351d3002eb88176634f4132f *SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.4f.iso
The download size on windows is: 4,194,304
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Re: Download problems with md5

Postby cmarcel » Wed Oct 10, 2007 23:32

I think the problem might have been the US based mirror. I think may have a corrupt download. It is a lot smaller than the others. My first try on the Australian mirror my checksum matched.
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Re: Download problems with md5

Postby DontPanic » Wed Oct 10, 2007 23:38

The torrent download page has the same md5 info:

md5sum 645600788920443b372baae3544acffa SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.4f.iso

Your download size doesn't look right. The torrent download page reports the size as: 4.35 GB (4,674,338,816 byte). Even if your number is in kilobytes, it doesn't make sense (4,194,304 x 1024 = 4,294,967,296).

You may want to try another mirror, or better yet (IMHO), try one of the torrent programs. I'm not familiar with all of them, but some of them will figure out the bad portion of what you have downloaded, and re-download just that portion. However, your whole download may be fubar if the size isn't right.

(EDIT: NM, I see you solved your problem) :)
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Re: Download problems with md5

Postby eshum » Thu Oct 11, 2007 2:39

I have good success with this download site . They are right near the bottom of the list of D/L sites :)

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