"Bad Axe" - Not booting from SATA HD

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"Bad Axe" - Not booting from SATA HD

Post by dirks » Wed Oct 03, 2007 19:57

Hi all,

has anybody successfully managed to install any version of Sabayon on a SATA HD connected to the intel controller of an D975Xbx2 mainboard?
I tried with Sabayon 3.4f 64 bit and it seems to run fine from DVD, but was not able to install it in a way so that I can boot it from a SATA HD, where /boot is /dev/sdb1 and everything else is /dev/sdb9.

Grub starts up and then immediately goes into shell mode. I suspect that it cannot find its own configuration or some vital files but I have no idea why. Any hints?

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