3.4 mini / cd installing + upgrading.

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3.4 mini / cd installing + upgrading.

Postby WarraWarra » Sun Sep 23, 2007 23:40

This info might be of use for someone new to linux or Sabayon to get good performance or normal other questions.

I started the live cd with dodmraid as it appears to help for my laptop + gets the dvd to normal working speed ?
Dell E1705 nvidia 7950gtx similar to Dell 9400 / XPS M1710 or even 15" Dell laptops.

No glx / glx / aiglx:
Had to on 2nd live cd boot select noglx for my nvidia 7950gtx laptop card = back to normal 16800fps minm. using glxgears where with aiglx = low 7600fps.

Did not yet try the fix LX posted in 3.4f+nvidia+aiglx post I started in 3d desktop but should fix this in the installed on hd version.
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layman -s sabayon && euse -E kickoff && emerge kicker desktop-acceleration-helpers

During live cd boot I did have slow usb to sata laptop hd connector performance at 915KB/s instead of normal 22MB/s , after reboot I tested with 2 other drives = back to normal speeds ?? Weard nothing serious as it works.

Everything else works for me including normal ipw3945 / bcm4311mcg dell wifi cards with right click knetworkmanager + wifi name + wpa2 + automatic + password or wpa1 + tkip + password.
Osx 10.4.9 + wpa2 + mixed mode does not work so back on wpa1 tkip to have old lady's mac mini intel one the internet LOL.

Power performance option:
During live cd boot I set the power plug icon next to time to performance first for profile and then for cpu as well. I can not recall if I update the installer likely.

Installed on hd 3.4 mini:
Set kpower next to time back to performance for both profile / cpu , edited /etc/make.conf to my laptop specs "use with caution settings" but can improve performance quite a lot.
Also emerged udept to get "dep -w" option as well as nvidia-settings for desktop nvidia control panel and did a mozilla-firefox-bin install from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 "emerge mozilla-firefox-bin" , did emerge hdparm to test the usb hd speeds.

All still works well except for aiglx not yet implemented / updated / fixed as mentioned above. This is next on my to-do list.

# emerge --sync ; emerge portage ; layman -S
next tried to update the system "emerge -up system" and saw 4 reds = darn.
Fixed it with " emerge --nodeps red item name here" inserting the correct name as is needed.

Last one libssapi or something was not in "emerge -s libssapi" so i just "emerge -C libssapi" as if it is needed can fix it later.

Next = "emerge world" = all is well then "emerge -u world" as this should include the system updates as well.
"dep -w" did run in another window to clean out unneeded dependancy's .

All is well / updated and just in case I am currently running "revdep-rebuild -X" should something be missing or needed.

This should end up in a 100% updated / working system for me.

Please use this info as info and presume incorrect so check the update guides / wiki's for correct procedure as someone else more skilled than me will likely post a updated one for this.

Hope this helps or answers a few questions for you that could pop-up.
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Re: 3.4 mini / cd installing + upgrading.

Postby WarraWarra » Mon Sep 24, 2007 2:32

Complete world update in 55 mins , wicked sick yeah I like this. 246 packages WOW it is fast.
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# time emerge -u world
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