Problem installing 3.4f on 17" intel iMac

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Problem installing 3.4f on 17" intel iMac

Post by Heartless Angel » Sun Sep 16, 2007 2:57

i have been trying to install Sabayon in my 17" intel iMac, but wheb i put the DVD in and try to boot into live mode it just hangs at that white textured screen with that "X" shaped mouse pointer. i have no idea what is causing this much less how to fix it. please help if you have any info

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Re: Problem installing 3.4f on 17" intel iMac

Post by WarraWarra » Sun Sep 16, 2007 4:32

Hi there and welcome here.

This last one could work see last message.

Have a look at some links here as well as this is gentoo based and their fixes should work here as well.

Hope something here helps.

You can also try the cheat codes in the readme file on the dvd /.iso you have of Sabayon and several like them. Just search using the top right search /advanced search or even the wiki for cheat codes.

I sometimes boot the dvd by pressing F5 for the text / place to neter the cheat codes and add " xdriver=nvidia res=1440x900 " as this can help or even you might need to add "dodmraid"
Not sure. Some of the guys here owning Apples are likely working on guides for the wiki to help other Apple users.

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