HELP - wrong disc?

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HELP - wrong disc?

Post by zero_ZX » Sat Sep 08, 2007 19:09

Hi there,
im asking for some help since im very confused about this linux thing.. (yea this is my first time trying to run/install linux)
I downloaded a file called "SabayonLinux-x86-3.4e.ISO" cause i got told that it was the correct one to download.
Now i burned to file into a DVD Without extracting, and rebooted my computer, i wasn't prompted for any kind of installation, and it appears the virtuel server, cant read the disk either..
i wondered if i was supposed to burn the extracted the files, however i didn't have enough space on my dvd for that...

can i please get some newbie help? :)

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Re: HELP - wrong disc?

Post by wolfden » Sat Sep 08, 2007 19:24

ummmmm How to burn iso:

than make sure you set your motherboard bios to boot from dvdrom

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