Sabayon Linux 3.4: Officially Released

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Post by totedati » Sun Aug 05, 2007 9:27

fxdwg wrote: Seed Seed Seed Seed !!! :D
so sweet ... as you can see here:

i do it! all the time ... i hope between 110 group partners, you are here also ... and i forgot to emphasize the fact that i still use sabayon v3.3, only to serve impatient young sabayoners with more bit's and of course, waiting for first revision of sabayon v3.4, aka v3.4e :oops: :oops:

you know the proverb ... sometime the last will be the first ... me, prefer to wait before making a jump ...

latter edit ... look like sabayon v3.4e is out? i see it in linuxstore, but not as a torrent in linuxtorrent? what is the last news here? i like to download the xdelta part and recreate the iso because already i have the v3.4a iso ... and the insert him as quick as i can in the official sabayon v3.4e torrent. But do not find any of it ... where is it ?
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Post by wolfden » Sun Aug 05, 2007 13:02

the xdeltas are on the mirror but no official announcement yet.

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