Announcing Sabayon Linux Core (Install Method)

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Announcing Sabayon Linux Core (Install Method)

Postby RandySavage » Thu Jun 28, 2007 19:22

The Sabayon Linux Crew is happy to announce a new way to install Sabayon Linux. Many people complained by the lack of a packages selector (solved), by too much bloat on the DVD (solved) and, most of all, the lack of a minimal installation. This is what Sabayon Linux Core Environment is. Just yo...

Link: ... ethod.html
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Postby totedati » Fri Jun 29, 2007 1:07

look like a indirect result of a working package selector ... is a good thing ... a basic package set, a kde set, a gnome set, a server set here can be all lamp suite, some of us don't need it, a small bussines set, a game set ... etc .. etc ... portage metapackage reloaded? ...
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