Why, and how to add "[Solved]" to your post. Please read.

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Why, and how to add "[Solved]" to your post. Please read.

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Fri May 22, 2009 14:41

When their problem has been solved, some forum members are good at remembering to add "[Solved]" to the Subject (title) of their first post in a thread they started. Other forum members -- newcomers or occasional visitors -- don't know they are supposed to do this. And some forum members know the forum's guidelines but just can't be bothered to do it.

Well, whichever of the above categories you're in, please try to follow this simple procedure when your problem has been resolved in a thread you started:

1. Log-in if you haven't already.

2. Open the thread you created and go to the first post.

3. Click on the EDIT button for the first post.

4. Add "[Solved]" to the end of the Subject text. Note that you add "[Solved]" (not "[solved]", "(solved)", "[SOLVED]", "{SOLVED}" or whatever). If the subject text is too long, try and edit it down sensibly so that you can add "[Solved]". However, don't bother to do it if the subject text cannot be reduced sensibly without losing the meaning.

There are several reasons why are we asking you to do this small, simple thing:

1. If a thread has been marked "[Solved]" then forum visitors (especially the moderators and knowledgeable members who try to help others) know they don't need to revisit the thread. This saves valuable time, especially if there are several threads with requests for help.

2. When you use the forum's Search facility to look for a solution to a problem, if one or more of the list of posts has "[Solved]" in the Subject then you can open those posts first and probably find the solution to your problem faster. Otherwise you may spend a lot of time reading posts and threads which leave you none the wiser.

3. By doing this yourself, rather than expecting forum moderators to do it for you, you are being courteous as you give us more time to deal with other forum tasks or trying to help with other requests.

4. Other visitors with the same problem as you may not bother to browse a thread again if they think that the discussion is ongoing but no solution has been found. If they see the thread has been marked "[Solved]" the next time they visit the forum, they know immediately to visit/revisit that thread.

Your cooperation would be appreciated. Thanks. :)