Updated parts / hardware needed.

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Updated parts / hardware needed.

Post by WarraWarra » Tue Jan 08, 2008 19:10

What is this about :
Fabio needs a new updated PC / Server that he can do his work on and so we are posting this to source fund or parts or a complete new PC for him for this.
The better and faster his machine is the more time he has to get around to other stuff .
Result = we all , as users and development team benefit from this = faster better versions with much less bugs etc etc etc of SabayonLinux :D
This is still early days in this idea / project and fine tunning some idea's about how what where for this parts or complete hardware. or solutions etc .

What do we need for this :
Rock bottom :
Quad core Intel + motherboard socket 775 + Desktop rack type box with power supply + ram for this. Would accept tower desktop tpye boxes as well but prefer fpr space the rack if available.

Aiming for:
We would like to get something similar to a Dell 19** dual Quad core Xeon server or Dell 2900iii server in a Rack config.
Example: http://www.dell.com/content/products/ca ... l=en&s=bsd

One day we would like:
If someone has a Azul 32** available please make our day / year and inform us. :mrgreen:

Ideal parts if not complete server of similar specs:
CPU : 2 Xeon Intel Quad core E54** cpu’s ($310 per cpu or more). Not sure about AMD Quad + new motherboards will ahe ve to check on this.
Motherboard : Possibly a super micro server dual socket 711 motherboard ($550 to $800).
Ram : DDR2 667 server ram possibly Kingston minm. 8gb ram or more 16Gb would be ideal.
Case : 600w minm. PSU in a Desktop Rack case with needed panel / mount for cpu xeon E54** heat sink. It should come in the box by default.
Hd’s: looking at 3Tb or more in Raid config as SATA II
Video : Some server has a onboard video card or some can have one installed not sure how critical a specific video card is to this will have to confirm about this.

Alternative possible ways to sponsor:
-Cash donations , parts , complete hardware / pc’s / server of about or more than above spec’s.
-The usual advert on the website if someone is willing to sponsor $big$ amount a month for a year or a complete server , we would be able to accommodate them with a add. Will confirm with Fabio about this once needed. The bigger the amount the more likely it would happen ?
-When selling on Ebay ask Ebay live chat help about charitable donations and how to do it wot your auction.
-USA should still have the Tax deductible to charitable organizations and likely SabayonLinux will qualify as this. Check and confirm with your tax advisor about the paypal donations receipt and if it would be enough to do it as this.
-Alternative type / Example:
A donor said they can buy at cost price from their supplier and then they will sponsor 50% of the remaining cost = $2000 hardware at cost $1200 – 30% = $840 - 50% = $420 we have to raise. We would likely be able to work with something like this example as well.
-Shipping company's can also donate discounted or free shipping to send this parts to where it might be needed.
-Etc etc etc .

How are we hopping to do this :
We would like to ask anyone with either parts or whole complete PC / Server or any type of sponsorship / deep discounted deal on a server equivalent to the Dell 1900 to give us a shout or make a donation.
We might be able to put a small advert for your company on the forums depending on the amount of donation your company provides , have to confirm this with Fabio.
The planning is to if mostly parts get it to a central location , get it tested it then have it delivered to Fabio in Italy , still working on this idea / a solution to this or to developers etc.

Who do you contact about this if you have parts or sponsorship :
You can either post below this post or if you need more info we will try to get a few moderators / Admins more involved with this and you should be able to contact them / me or similar about larger sponsorships. Will then forwards your request to Fabio for revue.

Suggestions for us :
We are open to suggestions about any part of this idea / project to source parts / hardware that you might have please feel free to post or contact us about this.

Other needs we might have :
We are also accepting parts that the developers and other moderators can use still having to confirm their needs if any exsist. Will try and get the parts to the closest developer etc to your area or if needed distribute it somehow to where it will be needed.

Thanks for your time , effort and help with this , we really appreciate any efforts to help out.

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