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Logitech F710 setup

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:38
by msdobrescu

How should I setup Logitech F710 gamepad?
I have two pieces and I'd like to try them.
Also, could they be used to move the mouse pointer in KDE, set some buttons to do stuff like adjusting the volume, mute etc.?

Thank you.

Re: Logitech F710 setup

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 18:20
by msdobrescu
OK, seems xboxdrv is the thing I need.
How could I make it start automatically with KDE and be able to use two gamepads at once?

Re: Logitech F710 setup

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:03
by msdobrescu
Hmm, no one?