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Dolphin & PCSX2

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:59
by keyn
I have good news for all Linux gamers, especially for followers Sabayon and Gentoo. After many attempts to compile the most famous game console emulators - Dolphin and PCSX2 - I was able to generate binaries ready, which I think will run in any environment with defined dependencies.

I gave up the idea to get compiled emulators on my Sabayon Xfce and decided to get them in a different distribution. Later, after a few adaptations, both the emulator starts and working, perhaps even better than the "native" distribution (xubuntu). :shock:

Some screenshots of the running games:

Archived emulators loaded on my cloud storage, anyone can download and try them on his own system:

Dolphin -

Information about dependencies stored in Readme. If the system lacks any necessary libraries, it is easy to detect them with

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I think that in this form emulators much more convenient to use than if they even normally compiled from source. :D


I think it's time to update my post, despite the fact that PCSX2 has long been added to the standard Sabayon repository. I noticed some performance degradation in games and remembered that both the plugins and the executable file of the program were not rebuilt during the recent update of the GCC to version 5.4 (the GCC version, which is shown in the GSdx plugin information - 4.8!).

In the end, after spending a lot of daytime, I achieved the opposite effect - a significant increase in performance, and created an archive with no installation requiring PCSX2, compiled with plugins on GCC 5.4, which I decided to post here. This is the newest version at the time of updating the post in the development stage (not stable), which, it seems to me, should work on any new Sabayon. Here is the link:

Re: Dolphin & PCSX2

Posted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:02
by Andrea91
Awesome! Thank you so much keyn!

Re: Dolphin & PCSX2

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 23:20
by keyn
Andrea91 wrote:Awesome! Thank you so much keyn!
I hope, for the users of Gentoo and Sabayon problem permanently exhausted. I will update assemblies and libraries for the new versions of emulators and substitute them in the above links.