Win games under Wine

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Re: Win games under Wine

Post by rodol » Wed Aug 28, 2013 17:15

¿Does anybody manage to play rFactor with Wine? ¿Or Fifa Manager 13?

When i try to run both, the log says there are some errors.... and won't open, but in Fifa Manager, the game creates the folder, but it doesn't start.


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Re: Win games under Wine

Post by Uzi » Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:02

I haven't seen it listed but the brilliant Sins of a Solar Empire, Trinity and Rebelion both work on Wine.

For those who remember ELITE, there is also the revampted OOLITE with runs on Linux.


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Re: Win games under Wine

Post by Cb7 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 20:31

I use WINE through PlayOnLinux. Usuall setting is to emulate virtual desktop 1600x1050.

Games from Steam:
  • Burnout Paradise - worked perfectly under wine 1.7. I've ran it without virtual desktop. Haven't tested on newer wine versions.
  • Crysis 2 - horrible. Often hangs, requires different versions of wine to get through particular mission at all (I mean, without suitable wine version for particular mission it can even load, but graphic is simply not displayed correctly - sometimes almost everything was dark, but you could see your weapon, sometimes everything shines, and you can't see enemies…). Sometimes to load mission it required wine patched with doublebuffer, sometimes on patched wine it didn't work. I couldn't finish game because it hangs on loading one of missions. I remember that it didn't want to work correctly under 1.7, only on some of 1.6 versions.
  • Dead Space - launched first without setting virtual desktop, set resolution to 1920x1080, then turned game off, changed wine settings to launch in vd, game now overrides vd settings and launches in FHD… aside from that game changes gamma settings of desktiop :| . Besides that it works perfectly.
  • GTA III - works so far almost perfectly, under wine 1.7.4. I've noticed some problems with sound, when I played songs in DeadBeeF sound in game had glitches and was looping. I've turned off DeadBeeF, turned off game, then launched game again. Again glitches. Turned off game, launched DeadBeeF, started some music, started game - no glitches, sound in game works perfectly. Now strange thing begins. I turned off game. Some time later I started it and… glitches in sound. But wait, this time DeadBeeF was playing… so turned off game, player, launched game and sounds work perfectly again… :shock:
  • GTA: Vice City - haven't tried much but launching, but seems to work as well as GTA III
  • GTA IV - sometimes works. Last time I've tried it, under wine 1.7 game hangs during missions that are necessary to go through game.
  • Mirror's Edge - seems to work. Haven't played much. Launched outside virtual desktop.
Games outside Steam:
  • Diablo II Lord of Destruction - seemed to worked well, so I've thrown on it some modes: Median, PlugY, MultiRes. Seemed to work well in FHD, though in FHD crashed few times.
  • X-Men Origins Wolverine - had a few problems with it, though now I don't remember what it was. Successfully finished game.
That's all I remember now. If I'll remember more, I'll update this post or make another. If I get through GTA III and Vice City, I'm probably going to test how (whether) GTA: San Andreas works. Then I'll update.
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Re: Win games under Wine

Post by Mojotroll » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:25

Hey guys got a big question

I am currently working on getting MMOs to work but i am encountering issues with games that have: Gameguard, HackGuard etc. I was wondering if anyone has uncovered a fix to enable linux and macintosh(on certain games) to play the game without issues. If someone knows a way, i would appreciate a message for a solution to fixing it.
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Re: Win games under Wine

Post by Brennorix » Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:07

Hi guys, just my little " 2 cents"
Risen ( 1.7.8 ) working quite perfectly , just need , after installation, to be patched with the official patch 1.11 from Piranabytes' site

Dota 2 ,from Steam ,works perfect!

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Re: Win games under Wine

Post by Mercury » Mon May 28, 2018 13:07

Balrum v1.231_ works

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