i confess i am a DRM thievers

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i confess i am a DRM thievers

Post by totedati » Sat Aug 04, 2007 0:49

googling around i spot this web page:

and then reading the comments i step to this genius words:

An offense to make or possess
Posted Friday 3rd August 2007 07:54 GMT

"And as for "an offence to *make* or possess a device which can render inoperative copy protection mechanisms...."

Forget screwdrivers; I possess a brain. Is that now illegal too?

me also have a brain ... this can be used as a tool to break DRM technology ... indeed i am a thievers ...

me as a citizen of a past communist country i know that laws like this, breaking any common sense, can be very dangerous ... when you accept this type of things in the name of common good, then be ready very soon to support the consequences ....

like in my country ... you know that communist regime was all about helping the poors to have a chance in they battle with the rich and strong classes ... and then to achieve this goal they begin to do a lot of things against any common sense, because the cause was good ... indeed ... all of us, romanians, see how good was finally .... what was finally the loosers? Ofcourse the poors, and the riches, and finally everybody, except a very narrow "communist class"
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