Installing + drivers + complaints ? Feel the pain

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Installing + drivers + complaints ? Feel the pain

Postby WarraWarra » Wed Jul 25, 2007 7:25

Sry if I sound harsh but read it and weep like I am still doing. I am angry at myself about past action linux related , looking back I see it in perspective.

Weard I had to format and reinstall windows xp pro sp2 just now for someone and figured sure it should be easy as all the drivers is there and it should be a breeze + quick.
2 hours later the stupid xp pro sp2 disc completed installing all the spam / spyware and other junk ie: just the basic not the rubish that comes with the OEM dvd , cd writing stuff and other, only basic windows.

Drivers that was needed once I managed to get what parts it has and found the drivers 30 mins waisted just searching = nvidia - download + install , sound drivers - download + install , lan + wifi drivers , motherboard / chipset drivers and luckily this all worked first time without any stuff-up's.
That was a miracle in it's own , they must have been praying or something LOL.
Total time waisted just to get firefox + e-mail working on a 1 year old laptop = 3hours - 3.5 hours.

WarraWarra who cares and what are you whining about ?

Simple I do not get myself / everyone complaining because 1 driver is a bit unstable in Linux / Sabayon , folk have we forgotten the wonderfull time we spend with Spyload Xp or it's nastier cousins broken glass windows so viruses fly in like birds ? or even Vista of hell , nice view hey LOL.

Sure it is a tall order to have everything to work but surely a bit of software / driver installing is 100% normal and part of the fun in linux. how elsewill we learn / read ?
Why do we complain if we get something for free that works first time looks great and has no viruses so we can play with it like a hobby ?
Do I / we now complain because we like to or complain because it is the new version of expressing joy ? weard ?

?? What have you been smoking man ??
I wish I was, would calm me down after this nasty experience I feel I have to go shower again damn.

I just realized how insanely lucky we are that we have a working any flavour of linux that we do not have to spend 15 hours just to install from scratch and update it.

Back to the windows install:
I do not even want to think about the minm of 2gb of updates after updates after updates that poor windows install person have to go thru that I helped and just when you think it is finished it has a DRM virus or needs another 2gb of download / updates nevermind installing quickbooks , MS Office and the can of worms and updates it requires, etc etc etc. I did what I could for them and linux + them = no go , don't even ask.

Man I love Sabayon , maybe I should stop being such a beesh and start enjoying the good times we have with Sabayon / Linux , I hate to go back to this experience above and then once a month having that ouch, Linux is here to stay for me.

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
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Postby zouzou85 » Wed Jul 25, 2007 21:31

i totally feel you warrawarra.
a few weeks back, my future mother in law got a virus in her windoze. so i offered to help, and i wish i hadn't .
formatting and installing was ok, took only an hour. but once started windows, i found nothing, no apps, no user configuration, no nothing. just the bare bone of windows. at first i was happy to get it done installing in an hour thinking that just a few more things will do and i'd be out of there going home. but it turned out that she needed MS office, some apps for the camera, IE was too slow, spyware, anti-virus, and all that crap. but at first i started with the update of 1.5Gig. then the printer she has is nolonger supported by the manufaacturer, which made imposible to find a driver for it, as she had lost her drivers cd. then there was the idiotic firewall which pops up everytime i click on some app warning me that it could be a dangerous move on my part.
that was one heck of a day, as i started working on this comp at 5pm and finished at 2am.
when i finished, i looked at my fiancee, who runs linux on her lappy, and we both said at the same time: "thank God I use linux."
linux has been a learning process for me, but windows was very insulting to what i think is common sense.
which reminds me of churchill: windoze is the worst OS there is, except for everyone
so for me too, sabayon is here to stay.
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Postby totedati » Thu Jul 26, 2007 2:41

my short answer to friends and comrades like this ....

friend = man, you know how all this computers work, mine i am in trouble, you want to help me to repair my windows machine?

me = man, why you torture yourself? try linux, is a working solution, for almost all you computing need, excepting the situation when you really want to play the most recent and cool windows only games ....

friend = what is linux? a ozn? you are stupid? man, i want you to fix my windows machine, i will pay you for that ....

me = really? ( here will pop up a imposiblle cash sum, even for bill hard to manage )

friend = you are impossible man, fix my windows !!!!

me = if you want to use my time to help you, be prepared to pay the price, if not, don't waste my time, my time are the most precious thing in my life .... no amount of money can buy my time back ....

friend = :shock: :shock: :shock:

and 'my friend' is no more 'my friend' ....

easy ... :oops: :oops:
... not so?
linux is free, the expertise to harness it is not!
you don't make so much money selling open source software!
You make MORE money USING it, just like google!
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Postby totedati » Thu Jul 26, 2007 2:47

of course, this is not working all the time, all of us have relatives, and true friends, and sometimes obligations, in that situations you need to fell the windows pain again ...

but some times after this very rude introduction to linux worlds, i have surprises ... 'friends' with brains .... rare but not impossible .... and then all gentle linux journey begin again and again ....
linux is free, the expertise to harness it is not!
you don't make so much money selling open source software!
You make MORE money USING it, just like google!
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Postby turquoise » Sat Jul 28, 2007 6:45

Anyone who has ever installed Windows from scratch knows that what makes Windows so easy is that it is already installed, including the drivers, when we buy a computer. :P

Last time I installed Windows from scratch on a computer, the thing couldn't even boot from a cd-rom so I had to use the boot floppy, then searched for the cd-rom drive because the floppy created a virtual drive and all the layout of the drives was changed as a result. The whole process from the boot to the installation of additionnal software was an exercise in cussing and swearing at Windows and at the computer.

After that, installing Linux has almost always been a breeze for me, except for my first tries with a pure Gentoo, but that's another story. No wireless, no fancy hardware, everything works out of the box with almost every distro, and they all install in less than an hour, including all the fancy software and eye-candy I like so much. I think we have a winner here! ;)
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Postby WarraWarra » Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:22

Yup you said it we have a winner = Sabayon.

The devlpmnt team is just great.
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