Google Desktop out for linux

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Post by denijane » Thu Jul 19, 2007 13:25

I don't quite understand the last quote...
So, they think it will be easier to fight linux in pirate coutnry, because people are already used to windows and of course they always can enforce real laws against piracy and make all those users pay for their windows or what?

Anyway, i think M$ earns the most from governments and maybe corporational sellings, cuz in poorer countries people simply don't have that much money to pay for licensed version even if they wanted to. Which they don't of course :)

And don't forget the Notorious Notebook Vista license, which give you the right to use it only on this computer, on this hard and don't remember how was the question with reinstalling...

I've paid only for one software in my entire life, it was a dictionary and it sucked so much, i'm using a free one. Which doesn't mean paid software sucks, maybe just that things that i can afford sucks :)

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Post by totedati » Fri Jul 20, 2007 10:46

denijane wrote: I don't quite understand the last quote...
well you think that only linux is free ... as you can see windows is also 'free' .... but with a twist .. ;-p
linux is free, the expertise to harness it is not!
you don't make so much money selling open source software!
You make MORE money USING it, just like google!
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