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Post by wolfden » Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:49
LXer has published an interview with Fabio Erculiani, the ever so enthusiastic founder and lead developer of SabayonLinux. What are the main reasons for this young distribution's tremendous success? "1. Vision: this pushes the roadmap concept to the past. Sabayon Linux does not have pre-established roadmaps, doing a distribution is not a peace plan. You never know what would happen next month, you can't know if people will like your strategy, your features plan, your ideas. So we must keep to be as smart as possible and react fast. 2. No politically-driven decisions: many distributions are politically constrained. We aren't, and we'll never be like them. We are simply on the users' side. Do you want Mono? We have it. Do you want Java? We have it. Do you want proprietary drivers? We have found a way to implement them."

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Gentoo Linux While the Gentoo-based SabayonLinux is a rapidly rising star on the Linux distro scene, Gentoo Linux itself has been struggling with various issues over the last couple of years. Daniel Robbins, the original founder and mastermind of Gentoo, has made an interesting comment about SabayonLinux: "What excites me about Sabayon is that it reminds me of the early days of Gentoo - when we were focused on doing innovative things like dependency-based init scripts, game CDs and other things that hadn't been done before. When Gentoo was still young, Portage was not a religion but an evolving experiment of how to build up our distribution more efficiently. Fabio has that same passion for excellence and for going beyond what others thought was possible, and I expect Fabio to enjoy the best of success with Sabayon." In the meantime, two more Gentoo developers -- Bryan Østergaard and Alexander Færøy -- announced resignation from the project, citing the usual culprits: frustration over lack of advancements and ugly infighting among the developers.


move developers quiting, rope em in!

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