A Welcome From Myself

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A Welcome From Myself

Post by ScottAS » Fri Jun 01, 2007 22:58


I'd like to introduce myself to the Sabayon GNU/Linux Community.

My name's Scott, I'm a Student currently studying Computing and I've been using
GNU/Linux since May 2006. My first experience using non-Microsoft Windows
Operating Systems began when I decided to use Novell Inc.-sponsored SUSE Linux
10.1, now openSUSE 10.2. I've used various distrobutions during the past
year of using GNU/Linux and currently have a custom-built Desktop PC and
Laptop PC, both hosting Linux Operating Systems. My Desktop PC is encased in
an Akasa Eclipse 62 Chassis and is powered by an AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Venice
Core CPU, the Motherboard is an AsRock 939S56-M SiS 756 Chipset accompanied
with 2GB DDR Dual Channel RAM. My Graphics Card is an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE
256MB model and a Samsung SpinPoint S-ATA Hard Disk houses Gentoo GNU/Linux derivative
Sabayon GNU/Linux 3.4F meanwhile I have a DELL 2005FPW 20" Widescreen TFT as
my VDU.

My Laptop PC is an Acer Aspire 9303WSMi model which houses an AMD Turion 64
X2 TL-52 CPU. The Motherboard is an NVIDIA nForce 4 Model but I do not know
the exact manufacturer of the Motherboard, meanwhile this is also
accompanied by 2GB DDR2 Dual Channel RAM, The Graphics Adapter is an NVIDIA
GeForce Go 7300 128MB model and a Western Digital S-ATA Hard Disk hosts
Gentoo GNU/Linux-derivative Sabayon GNU/Linux 3.4F also. The VDU is an AcerBrite 17" WXGA

I do not want to present myself as a knowledgable Linux User, my experience
using Microsoft Windows is far greater, but I'm able to edit scripts and my
XOrg.conf file as and when needed; it's a beginning! My Desktop PC and Laptop PC are
used mainly for Web Browsing, E-Mail Communication and Instant Messaging,
Office-like tasks and suchlike.

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Post by johnnyhay » Sat Jun 02, 2007 0:49

Hey Scott!
That's almost the same story that I had when I first started using Linux based distros back in 2004.
Never give up and never surrender. :)

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Post by darkscot » Sat Jun 02, 2007 13:02

Welcome to the forum Scott! We seem to be a small group, compared with other 'flavours' I could mention, but growing all the time.
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Post by ScottAS » Sat Jun 02, 2007 14:04

johnnyhay, darkscot,

Thank you both for your replies. I realise that the Sabayon GNU/Linux Community is small in comparison to the majority of the other distrobutions available but I've found my niche within the Linux Operating System and I've decided to dedicate myself to the progression and development to the Operating System. I'm going to send a donation to aid the development of the Operating System this month and am commiting myself to the Community.

Sabayon GNU/Linux is a fantastic Operating System.


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