ATTENTION: please enable JavaScript for a complete experienc

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ATTENTION: please enable JavaScript for a complete experienc

Postby joe3 » Mon May 28, 2007 13:29

The reason I chose to disable javascript was expressly because of the "complete experience" at even before loging in...

I'm speaking of that scrolling text (looked like forum topics?) in the "Sabayon community" box next to the login form...

I dislike things that move anywhere near anything I'm trying to read. Such things pull at my eyes causing me to get distracted from whatever I'm trying to read. And soon gives me a headache. Which will be followed by nausea if I keep reading while the motion is in view. Thus all forms of web page animation only serves to irritate me.

That's one of the reasons I often prefer elinks... Though lately I can't seem to login to with it (but that's another topic...)

In a way I guess I should thank the forum designers for causing me to make my default browser preference settings a little bit more secure. Normally I just didn't often come back to sites that use moving text or other animations. It was lazy of me to leave javascript enabled all the time. But since I intend to come back to frequently, I now usually disable javascript...

Of course now I need to edit my preferences every time I want to access my on-line banking bill-pay service. But that's a small price to pay if it ensures motionless reading... <sigh>

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