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Post by tekwyzrd » Thu Jul 05, 2007 6:27

Well, the router has been working flawlessly with two computers on wired connections (one running Sabayon v3.3 and one running openSUSE 10.2) and one via the wireless adapter running win2k. The only problem I encountered was an overnight dsl service interruption by AT&T. Other than that there have been no disconnects and no need to do anything other than leave it running. Always reliable and ready to connect.

The Buffalo AirStation Turbo G WHR-HP-G54 is an EXCELLENT choice.
Former Sabayon user (2005 - 2013) and current Arch user.
I liked Sabayon until it switched to Rigo and becoming the gentoo equivalent of Ubuntu. Extreme browsing? Extreme gaming? Extreme work? Extreme development? Like, totally gnarly, dude!

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