3G cellmodems and DUN

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Postby ponchera » Thu Jun 07, 2007 20:04

Ok cool. yes I see it now. I configure KPPP and it seems like i'm almost there!

When I do connect with KPPP it keeps cycling, it sasy starting PPPD and shows the OK, AT bla bla sequence, but it keeps doing it over and over. I got a feeling i have a wrong setting in the modem commands section.

These are the setting i'm using, do you have the same?

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Postby efraly » Thu Jun 07, 2007 20:41

Ponchera, sorry i cant see the pic at the link you left me, would you care to send it by email?? [email protected] i will gladly revise it and answer here on the forum so others can see it too.
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