Whats in the works to compete with Vista?

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Postby Appleman1234 » Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:55

I am working on that :), Wine not = half hearted
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Postby davemc » Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:57

Just to add to that a bit, I say this because I believe SL has allready cornered the bleeding edge world for desktops. It is the best of the best when it comes to cutting edge stuff and functionality for Linux, IMO. There may be 1 or 2 others that come close (PCLos, SAM), but none that compare, and SL beat them all to the punch line in any case. The new direction should logicly be towards capturing the gaming world, which is 95% of todays desktop users, and this is an incredibly hungry market constantly looking for newer and more cutting edge stuff that the current Linux games just have no concept of. SL ~could~ take from cedega and wine, incorporate that and greatly expand on where they left off to create Linux's first and only fully compatible Linux Distro for gaming.
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Postby davemc » Sat Jan 27, 2007 3:01

Appleman1234 wrote:I am working on that :), Wine not = half hearted

Lol you beat my second post!

Wine itself is NOT half hearted, but the follow-up efforts to expand the technology is. This is nobodys fault. The guys who developed it are getting paid nothing from what I understand, so why should they put in the amount of effort that is required to take it to the next level? Its functions are amazing and potential, unlimited. Given the right attention and governed by smart people, it can take Linux into uncharted territory.
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Postby Jesterhead » Sat Jan 27, 2007 12:08

Well, look into the svn of wine, and you will see theres a heavy development going on.
Every 2 Weeks a new release, everyday many code submissions, and support for apps getting better and beter today.

Surely it will never be able to run all Apps, but this isnt the developers fault.

MS changes things quite often, and the Documention of the Windows API isnt fully correct or complete...

Linux will never beat Windows in market shares on the Desktop, this cant work and wont work.
I dont think that this should be the goal.

The Goal should be a to provide a free alternative, powerfull, feature-rich, easy and fast Environment, but as long as some things still evolve like in the past years (DRM, and such stuff), it cant be never a pure replacement.
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Postby epsilon » Sat Jan 27, 2007 23:52

i think, that you are missing the point.

I dont see it as a competition between M$ and linux.

Linux is not an entity as M$ is. Linux is like nature, it just grows and cant be stoped. Linux has not an specified business direction as M$ have. People make with linux what ever they want to do.

Most people want to replace windows, ok, but is too much effort in vain, i preffer to use, support and teach to use multiplatform softwares), but there are also other people who use it with other purposes, i preffer linux as server, and dont really like how gnome and kde are getting too much big (they are not working only on a good working windows manager, they are working on a competition to windows and is getting too much complicated which errors are getting more frecuent, i preffer fluxbox with icons). Other people want to use it for gamming, but it isn't a gamming platform, so this users should take a bit of effort like wine guys, try to make easy installers or thing like that. But of course, this kind of users wants everything issued on a silver tray. If you have windows and games, with the money that you spend, buy a game platform, it is more fun and out of problems.
Other users want to use linux with recovery tools to backup computers with windows (like me).
Maybe also to control industrial macanism and to make it safe (can you imagine a satellite using windows as OS???? an space ship??? no, an hospital?!?!?!?, definitly no, a Car Factory?, what if windows hangs? Maybe also robots, too much overhead for a robot, and low presition calculations)

There are an infinity number of aplications on informatics (everything on the actual world) thanks to the nature of linux, and it is free.

I want to test Vista without installing it. Can I? Does it have the beautifull thing knowed as livecd? will it recognise my hardware automaticaly? will be those drivers good?

I have had some computers which windows drivers provided by the own motherboard providers doesn't work well (sound issues), and with linux livecds i had no problems.
Also, graphic drivers on linux has never give me the same eficiency as on windows, hey! its free, is aceptable. But windows doesnt give me the same eficiency on cpu and memory usage, not even talk about 64 bit (love Gentoo for this).

People learn with linux, with windows doesn't, and lamentably this is what most people want. Dont take the effort of learning.

As i say, Linux is nature, Window is like and old car generating smoke.
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Postby wolfden » Sun Jan 28, 2007 2:17

Well unfortunately, I work with computers, so I will have to have a copy of windows installed some place just so I can keep up with it. I'm not thrilled nor in any hurry to install it. I think a lot of people around here will be sticking with XP. I'm going to hold off for as long as I can.
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Postby davemc » Sun Jan 28, 2007 4:34

epsilon wrote:As i say, Linux is nature, Window is like and old car generating smoke.

Yup. Alot of smoke though.

You make some good points and I agree with some, but it sounds to me as if you wish to see Linux remain marginalized and uncompetitive. Good thing that most dont agree with this point of view and continue hardcore development into the desktop OS world. Can Linux become the dominant desktop OS?.. Absolutely! Without question and beyond any doubt whatsoever. It is superior to XP or Vista in so many ways its not even funny, and the gap between the two is rapidly closing. As has been said so many times before, the ONLY advantage M$ has over Linux at present is big gaming support and hardware support. Remove those from the equation and then ask yourself, "why should I even have M$ on my computer at all?".
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Here ya go..

Postby davemc » Sun Jan 28, 2007 5:23

http://www.time.com/time/business/artic ... nn-partner

Looks like M$ didnt get quite the PR it was looking for here lol.
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Postby igknighted » Sun Jan 28, 2007 9:48

davemc wrote:After almost 1 solid month of having Sabayon on my machine and having it as my only OS my impression is that Linux will be the future of the desktop world. I believe this to be inevitable for a multitude of reasons, many of which you described. I migrated to Linux because of this, not because XP didnt work for me - because it has allways been a great OS, at least for me. But it has nothing over Linux today other than Gaming, and this is absolutely HUGE! Capture the gaming world, and you've got the market -- the equation is that simple. Linux must be made to be compatible with any game on the market today - free or otherwise. Baby steps are being taken in that direction (wine, cedega), but they are half hearted and feeble at best comparatively speaking. Tailor SL in this direction, and it WILL absolutely become the worlds leading Distro of distro's. King of them all.

I'm sorry but I really have to disagree with you here. Gaming is on the outs for PCs. As game consoles get more advanced, including internet play and those nifty Wii controlers, gaming on the PC is being obsoleted. In fact, this past year they stopped making my favorite game for PC and instead only offered it on PS2 and XBox. Games are so complex now that no PC can compete with the power a dedicated box can bring... especially in the price range. DX10 is a waste of money because by the time games start to come out for it, PC gaming will be a ghost of what it once was.

I had never owned a game console my whole life until this past summer. At that point I realized that I could play all the games I want on a $100 PS2 and not spend a grand on SLI video cards and other PC upgrades, and get similar performace. Economically and performace wise, PC gaming is a thing of the past (at least at the highest levels).
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Postby epsilon » Sun Jan 28, 2007 20:11

maybe, but current and old games for pc will be always for pc, and not all current games are correctly supported by linux, not to mention easy to install.
RTS (Real time strategy games) will be always better to play with a mouse and a keyboard, and when a console comes with those controls will be very much like a highend computer, with possible bootable linuxes for office use. :D

besides, computers games are always crackeable, and this doesn't like very much to the diferent companys, so they move to game consoles which is much more hard to hack (i believe).

new computers games are getting to a new kind of payment. Most new games are very inexpensive becouse to play on internet you must pay to the oficial server, and this is definitly not crackeable.
there are also free servers (made with inverse engineering) but they aren't present when the games comes out, maybe one or two years before, when the companys has another new game to provide and also players dont want to loose their accounts on the original server.

so i partialy agree with you, but computers will not be out of gamming.
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