Whats in the works to compete with Vista?

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Post by davbeck » Tue Apr 03, 2007 20:45

yes if only there was a way to get (common)people to read and do research.
I have a few teacher friends that have the same problem in their schools, people just want to be given an answer.

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Post by nigel73 » Tue Apr 03, 2007 21:49

Thats why sat navs are so popular, people cant even use a map nowadays !!! everythin has to be handed to them on a plate. Generaly, people just dont care how things work any more, they dont want to put the effort in, with SL you dont have to put too much in to get a lot more out.

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Post by monarky » Wed Apr 04, 2007 0:48

Re: davemc ?
WinXP is just now to the point that it can be considered at least usable. If you have never gotten a BSOD and you use a system heavyly, it's a wonder to me. I've installed XP over 500 times at work and am very familiar with it's failures over the years. The reason I keep a copy installed on my own puter, is for gaming, otherwise it's a piece O shit!

Vista??? mwa.. ha.. ha.. Excuse me but it's business as usual in Redmond! An OS that matches Steve "Monkey Man" Balmer's and Bil Gates ignorance of the fact they don't own the world of innovation! They were so focused on their delusional grandeur while developing it they neglected to make a very useful and simple operating system. It's turning out to be more like the ordinary man behind the Wizard of OZ curtain. More of a fake Foie Gras (with more duck than goose) than a real new OS!!!

DRM and Ignorance rule Microcrap's very existence! But their luck always seems to put them in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the dis-com-bobu-lation and lack of unity in the Open Source Community. OpenGL once ruled everything graphical including games with better memory management and faster frame rates (still does, more on that to follow) than the lame newcomer DX API! Then the GPU company's themselves got involved and put features into it that only benefited their own cards. Instead of co-operating with each other on a true shared open standard.

Much like the Linux Community itself with so much in house bickering and fragmentation that M$'s inferior DX technology has gotten an upper hand. Linux with 50,000 different ways of doing things and no one wanting to agree on anything, M$ and it's two very inferior products emerged on top without ever firing a shot. The Open Source community was too busy shooting themselves in the foot over both Linux and OpenGL to run games!!!

In recent years there has been some great changes in regards to this and some influential Open Source endeavors have made some monumental strides. By blending the technologies into one single Open Standard with the objective to also make money! We all must make money to live! Firefox and Google are prime examples of taking Open Source Models and turning them into money makers. SuSE and RedHat have shown that money can indeed be made in the Open Source community driven business model.

OpenGL technologies are again scaling the mountain in a unified force, under the newly formed Khronos Group. Doing some things that the family of technologies have never done before, that will revolutionize gaming and multi-media entertainment beyond anything M$ or DX have even thought of. And that's finish up on 4 incredible releases in less that two years, that go beyond anything even DX10 has to offer (when it finally gets out)! With version 2.0 released, SGI turned OpenGL over to Khronos Group and then v2.2 released end of last year. We now have v2.5 and v3.0 due out this year with new Multi-platform and Multi-company centered development at it's very heart. With literally every company besides Microcrap, including Nvidia, AMD/ATI, Sony, IBM, Motorola, etc. etc. etc.!!!

The new technologies are staggering and include the new Multi-core Open Source Development Platform, RapidMind! With a new programing language that works for any single/multi-core GPU or CPU chip, called SH. Nvidia and Microsoft's jointly developed Cg language was doing good but as with all closed source proprietary API and languages it won't run on an ATI card or any other brand. Now with SH language development carried by "CTM" (Close To Metal)(bypassing the OS, running directly on the hardware), we have the next generation of game development with some absolutely phenomenal OpenGL games in our future. All games become capable of running on any OS or platform without so called recoding a port!! It's all just C++ stuff generated and automated to run on the fly with these tools!!!

Just one thing is holding it all back. That one thing is another big bullish brute pushing their way into the Open Source World for their own gain (maybe). Sony! With so much good going on behind the scenes for them, their Monster Corporate Clumsiness (if not channeled out to the Open Source gaming world), could bring all of the gains made by the community at large, the last few years, to a screeching halt.

On PS2 they had well over 16,000 game titles worldwide (easily tops for any single platform). With only a handful of those ported to PC and all the ports were to Windows machines. Now with the PS3 they have jumped lock, stock and barrel into the Open Source Community. But the big question is "Are They Willing To Share"??? Or are they merely face value members of the Open Source Community???

Only time will tell!!! But the Community at large are poised to bring some exciting and creative developments out with Linux in about every facet of equipment systems . Linux is not only growing on PC's but Cell Phones, Servers, Game Consoles and the tools they're all using are more innovative and progressive than we've ever seen before on any platform! Hopefully Sony themselves will begin porting their own developed games, first to Linux then to other operating systems.

I for one would love to play games like "God of War", "Lair", "Heavenly Sword", "MGS4", "Final Fantasy XIII", "Motorstorm", and others on Open Source Linux. ....And even better, MAKE THAT Sabayon Linux!!!

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Post by epsilon » Wed Apr 04, 2007 0:49

a lawyer tells you to find in a book when you ask him something and you are just a programmer?

an arcuitect tells you to understand its maps, when he makes something for you?

if you work 8 to 10 hours per day, do you really will read a book or internet for something that is not in your knowledgezone?

Im a programmer a normally find all on internet, its my work. But i will not tell my clients or possible clients to find on google if they are not on that stuff.
Of course, if it takes me to much work to answer. I can offer my service by $$$$.

If you are tired of questions, dont answer them. At the end, less documentation will be on google thanks to this way of thinking. Or if you see so many questions, easy to answer, make a short tutorial/howto, no need to wirte technical information, add links to more documentation.
Then you make google easier to find docs about it.

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Post by davbeck » Wed Apr 04, 2007 2:07

the question is, what is the direction of Linux, and specifically, SL. do we want to be the mighty, but small rebel alliance whose goal is over take the mighty empire because it is evil? do we want to be the bounty hunters, not caring how our software is used as long as we are able to do what we wish with it?

If we really want to get as many people to use linux as possible, why. You often have to look and see if what you half to do to accomplish a goal will defeat the purpose.

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Post by efm » Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:35

Hi all,
I was a window$ user until few years ago. my first encounter :) with linux was with SuSE 6.1, which spent me full two days to get it working on my computer. I used it a while, but i still loved window$, so I switched back to it.
about two years ago, I bought a second hand notebook, and installed XP there. It was the time I really hate window$,
my notebook hung up so often, even after a fresh install (I reinstalled it couple of times!) with no other softwares installed.
Then I decided to try SuSE, which was 9.0, and surprisingly, it never hung up! Really never! I liked linux ever since, and
now I'm trying to convert my officemates to linux (hard! because they've already brainwa$hed by window$).
I've tried SuSE (6.1, 9.0 - 10.2), Ubuntu 6.10, DSL, Xandros, Mandrake, and RedHat. Right now I want to try Sabayon (I don't know why, but I feel bored with Ubuntu, despite its wonderful features). Do you think Sabayon is ok for me? I use computer mainly for Netbeans, Gimp, Emails, Cedega. (Btw, my Intel Pro/Wireless 2100B doesn't work either in SuSE and Ubuntu. I've tried ipw2100 and ndiswrapper).

Linux, although sometimes confusing, but it's better than window$. If Sabayon is ok, I hope no one will commercialize it like what they did to SuSE! (I just loved SuSE so much that they break my heart!)

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Post by davbeck » Wed Apr 04, 2007 4:57

I have been using SL (Sabayon Linux) for only a couple of days now.
I made the switch from Ubuntu. I had been growing more and more frustrated with them every day. between the lack of advanced tools and the fact that with every passing update it was becoming more and more unstable. When my X window system completely stopped working I decided to go with a more up to date distro.
despite the frustration of being forced to choose a new distro and install it as fast as possible, SL has amazed me. It is a little different than anything that I have used (mostly different versions of Debbian) but it is the best linux I have seen so far.
If you can get through any other linux distro than SL will be fine.

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Post by ruscook » Thu May 03, 2007 8:50

frogimus wrote:Needless to say, my pro bono computer repairs for family and friends will cease as they buy Vista machines because Iwill not have a copy and will not bother to learn how to fix its problems.

Till they buy Vista, I'm still fixing about 1 per week :cry:
:-). I moved my father from Windows to Ubuntu (now linux mint) over 3 yrs ago. Hasn't had a virus since. Only time I rebuild the machine is when a hard drive crashes or an OS upgrade fails (both rare).

Oh, he was 79 last month and only been using computers since he was 73.... So you can teach an old dogs new tricks and Windows is NOT THAT userfriendly - it's just very familiar and ubiquitous.


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Post by eshum » Sat May 05, 2007 0:28

"Linux must be capable of hosting Windows within itself, or be able to switch to it on user demand," I do not think so. I do not want Windows on my computer in any form. However XP does seem to be competing very strongly with vista much to Steve Vomits (ballmer) chagrin.


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Post by shockware » Tue May 08, 2007 7:20

Man... i have to say that if u appreciate M$ so much... go with M$... no one stops u... but if u appreciate the hard work of a Linux developer who's willing to code just for the fun of it or for those who like what he's doing, stay with Linux. Don't u get it... where's the money there's the target of attention and attention isn't always a positive thing. Look at a Linux community... they get money from donations... and they don't expect from every user a donation... they just release their distro and support it and make it more performant.

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