When Will You Upgrade to Windows Vista?

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Vista sucks

Post by it-guyz » Fri Jun 29, 2007 8:45

:idea: My associate bought a new Dell D620 laptop, it came out with Vista Business, we wiped out Vista and install xp and found it would not install the onboard ethernet card - what issues finding the drivers... decided to load Sabayon linux and found the laptop to be more stable and faster... no driver issues and no to purchase additional software for our work enviro...Who needs Vista and the bugs...
stick to XP or bust. :shock:

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Post by dunsurfin » Fri Jun 29, 2007 21:50

Had Vista Premium (free upgrade) on my machine for a week now and am about to reinstall XP as my quad boot partner with Sabayon and 2 other Linux distros (which change frequently). I do have reasons for keeping a flavour of MS on my machine but Vista is a disaster. I can deal with the permission tweaks needed to make it usable but I'm not prepared to use software that cripples my sound card so that I can't record streaming audio.
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Post by BlueJayofEvil » Sat Jun 30, 2007 20:49

The only reason people are switching to Vista is for DX10. Of course, when the Alky Project matures, that won't be necessary and Microshaft won't have much to draw people to Vista anymore. I'm currently running XP for iTunes and a few other programs, but when Sabayon 3.4 comes out my second hard drive will be solely used for that.

A friend of mine has Vista, my dad has Vista, and some others I talk to online have Vista. They all HATE IT with a passion. It constantly asks you "Are you sure you want to perform this action?" Why the F*** DO YOU THINK I LOGGED IN AS AN ADMINISTRATOR, NAVIGATED MY WAY HERE, AND CLICKED THE 3 PREVIOUS OK'S???!!!!!
I thought XP used enough system resources as it does, but Vista is just an excuse to drain your hardware of its full potential.

In response to the original question: I won't get Vista, period. The DRM, annoying re-asking of confirmation dialogues, the need for a new high-end computer, and low backwards-compatability make it not worth my few hundred hard-earned dollars.

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