When Will You Upgrade to Windows Vista?

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Post by joe.pelayo » Tue Apr 03, 2007 5:20

davbeck wrote:wow you guys still are attached to windows. I am completely windows free. love it. but as far as helping my computer illiterate friends, I plan to do all I can to keep them at xp for the next year (for their own good) but then I will probably encourage those who can to upgrade, I can't stand people who stick with old software.
Upgrade? To Linux you mean?

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Post by davbeck » Tue Apr 03, 2007 5:25

no I mean to Vista. right now Linux is just not user friendly enough for anyone to use without a computer genius hanging around to fix all your problems. although I can see Linux getting there in the next year.

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Post by monarky » Wed Apr 04, 2007 4:20


***** The Truth About Vista *****

I have many computers, and many with many, many operating systems!

Naturally in the mix are two installations of Vista (1 possibly illegal), one of Win'98, 2 legal of WinXP including 1 Virtual Machines on a linux installation. So also with the various Linux and Windows installs on this one machine are some backup partition images (also illegal of XP and Vista), FreeBSD, and a couple of BeOS VM's, etc.!!!

But get this, "I don't think I'm a geek"!!! Yeah, right. Because in all this geekyness, I don't have one installation of the height of Geekdom, a raw Gentoo installation!!!

Kind of ironic, since at the other end of the spectrum is the most wonderful and simplest OS of them all, Sabayon which is built off of the Gentoo family tree!!! LOL

The Evil Empire's New Vista OS:

The Height of Geekdom is now, in the maintaining of Microcrap's Newest PoS (piece O shit) Operating System! So to me, people here saying Sabayon is difficult or a problem to maintain, have yet to sink into the bowels of hell, that are inbedded in this a..hum so called Operating System.

Deep inside this PoS lies a very hellacious attempt to rape our freedom and take our pocket books hostage. It is no longer an Operating System, but rather an M$ and the Giant Media Moguls DRM'd Hellhole. That is systematically probing your every private secret and a.. rear end!

My very ungeeky neighbor while I was attempting to explain DRM to him popped out a very right on description of this acronym:
DRM - Digital Rectal Manipulation

This site http://BadVista.fsf.org can explain it all to you and hopefully have you not switching before it's too too too... late! Once you know Vista more a... hum.. intimately I'm sure you'll agree that for "Unspeakable" reasons Vista is no competition for Sabayon Linux!!!

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Post by viking » Wed Apr 04, 2007 15:59

When Will You Upgrade to Windows Vista?
I might well install Vista but only when Msoft finally realise that if I pay for an OS then I own it, I haven't borrowed it, leased it, stolen it or pirated it, I have bought it and will install it on all 3 computers I own without let or hindrance, and if in the future I happen to buy a new machine, then I reserve the right to install it on that as well.

In other words when Msoft learn to tell the difference between a criminal and a customer and treat each according to their merits.

In other words - never!

PS. They would have to get rid of their spyware as well (Genuine Advantage Tool I think they call it.)

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Post by monday90 » Mon Apr 09, 2007 20:58

The DRM and Windows Genuine Advantage have finally pushed me away from Microsoft for good. I doubt I will ever buy Vista for personal use. Nor am I recommending it to family or friends. Here in the UK it costs something like £100 ($200) more than in the US, another reason I will not touch it. My only contact with Vista will be in work however as my employer is very slow at adopting new OS's (only upgraded to XP last year) this will not be for a very long while. Future installs for other peoples machines will now be Linux (hardware permitting) with XP running in a virtual machine.

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Post by Svedge » Mon Apr 09, 2007 22:39

I've had Vista Business (my school has a deal with e-academy.com) since before Vista was released in the public.

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Post by joe.pelayo » Wed Apr 11, 2007 20:17

Svedge wrote:I've had Vista Business (my school has a deal with e-academy.com) since before Vista was released in the public.
One cousin has Windows Vista Home Premium in his laptop. It runs fine, but it is a beast of machine: AMD Turion 64 X2 TL50 (2 x 1.6GHz), 1GB DDR2, 120GB HD SATA I guess, and 256MB NVIDIA Go.

It is something 'half baked' between Linux & Beryl (the most), MAC's file structure (the look and feel of Windows Explorer or whatever it is called), and the 'compatibility' (part of it) from Windows XP.

It did not impress me at all.

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Post by Wait...What? » Sat Apr 14, 2007 12:08

It was in anticipation of getting a Vista upgrade in the mail that came with a new machine that I really began to learn about Vista's capabilities, or rather handicapabilities. Wanting to get a glimpse of what was so dazzling about Vista I came across a Youtube video of a Linux machine with Beryl & for a second I thought it was Vista. I also thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Then I noiticed it was not Vista, and proceeded to try as many Linux distros as possible. Finally falling in love with the amazing Sabayon.

After an intensive self-imposed crash course in Linux, Gentoo, Sabayon, I managed to install Sabayon on an external HD and dual-boot with XP on the internal HD. (I'm still dependent on a some XP software, but am weening myself gradually as I learn more and more Linux). Proud and satisfied with my accomplishment I sat.

Then the Vista upgrade arrived... Curiosity overwhelmed me, and I decided to go for a triple boot.. I did it, and was proud.
Then I booted up Vista --- which on a machine that was built to run it, still had install problems. Vista couldn't detect my monitor's screen res. Anyway, It's been about a month, and I've booted it 2 times.

It's just not that great. To anyone who's played with Beryl, Aero is pathetic. It comes with no really useful software the way that Sabayon does. You need to grant permission for everything. I've also gotten the impression that a good chunk of software that ran on xp will not run properly on Vista yet. Ultimately Vista is confining users in order to maintain control. Control of users, software, hardware and of course $$. Linux in general and Sabayon in particular are liberating. The support and community are fantastic. And it's free to join the club, though contributions are appreciated. (I'm sporting a black Sabayon t-shirt as I write this.)
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Post by me » Tue May 22, 2007 19:43

Vista, vista - ha ha - the only reason why I have Windows is that I can play my darling games.

Yesterday I downloaded enemy territory - what a game!

If these carry on rolling in I will fully migrate to Linux!
*Although some work still needs to be done in the terms of usability and easiness to use*

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Post by razor1394 » Fri May 25, 2007 21:51

Not even when hell freezes over. I die free.

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