ARM-64 Sabayon-Gentoo Chroot The Easy way

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ARM-64 Sabayon-Gentoo Chroot The Easy way

Post by necrose » Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:25

(! 1-4 HELL steps make or install sys-apps/proot QEMU use for arm , add in binformat arm64
, scream in raw fury breath fire like a dragon when it breaks) and try to not punch something when trying to make a docker container for arm64....

PROOT static has all that crap combined , UMEQ is a light drop in Docker friendly replacement to QEMU in many cases, though limited ? ie if you got XFCE4 built or something, may need more on the host end but whom knows.
bash ssh running and going sure thing it works.
and its a chroot to arm7 or etc if you get the others. he has statics in arm or arm64 flavors....

debian DEV guy has proot-static and UMEQ , lets just say it make tinkering with arm64 or arm7 far more easier as a user and less wanting to SCYTHE someone in a fit of rage...figuratively, verbally or ....

1) Install Sabayon on local host or virtualbox

2) get gentoo arm64 tarball and some other crap portage (also included in the shell file.)

mkdir /opt/gento*/portage

Code: Select all

 # /opt/gentoo-arm64/  ,  
# ln -s proot-start
# ./proot-start fires up the chroot with bash...
## mkdir /opt/gentoo-arm64 & wget <
## tar xvjpf stage3-*.tar.bz2 --xattrs mkdir /usr/portage  emerge-webrsync should populate it , hears a fast stater for it , including links for emu...
emerge-webrsync from inside the proot should populate /usr/portage with it's usual crap.

2a) ... umeq-arm64
2b) ... oot-x86_64

3 tinker from the comfort and convince of your regular Sabayon install ,

builld layman , add sabayon repos... , build equo etc , and you can wrap packages with equo smart inflate or the like..

4 run the script and enjoy the fun

5) just for documenting purposes script has wind-bag-level comments you can give these the optional "Haircut"
I tried mounting dirs over from host ie portage etc however once the emulator loads its a fail. mtab resets etc. if your going to make a boot key for NVIDIA-video-Jetson boards @ $600 a pop it'll be a few weeks. , however the fact that stock Sabayon kernels or Gentoo simular 4.x should work ... B017NWO6LG
and regular SATA or ESATA hardware also , if you have big bucks , Gigabyte has an arm64 server with 360 cores + nvidia.


Code: Select all

# /opt/gentoo-arm64/  ,  
# ln -s proot-start
# ./proot-start fires up the chroot with bash...
## mkdir /opt/gentoo-arm64 & wget <
## tar xvjpf stage3-*.tar.bz2 --xattrs mkdir /usr/portage  emerge-webrsync should populate it.
#Umeq is an equivalent of Qemu user mode.
#It allows you to run foreign architecture binaries on your host system.
#For example you can run arm64 binaries on x86_64 linux desktop.
### pre-mount dirs. if possible , proot executes rather fast so it may be wiser to nfs/ssh-fusefs  
# import latter on or etc to save disk-space.  the mount -t lags ?
mount -t /var/lib/layman /opt/gentoo-arm64/var/lib/layman
mount -t /usr/portage /opt/gentoo-arm64/usr/portage
mount -t /opt/gentoo-arm64/packages /opt/gentoo-arm64/usr/portage/packages ## Packagedir layness..  
## do chroot and load static emulation binformat etc..
## for ease of use
proot -R /opt/gentoo-arm64/ -q ./umeq-arm64 bash
#type in "uname -m" or unmae -a
# uname -a yeilds : Linux Sabayon-Proot-arm64-dev 4.3.0-sabayon #1 SMP Wed Dec 16 22:02:39 UTC 2015 aarch64 GNU/Linux
# windows 10 virtualbox sabayon xfce stock , with a gentoo arm64 chroot for testing.

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