learned systemd fast... have a good laugh

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learned systemd fast... have a good laugh

Post by anomaly65 » Wed Sep 18, 2013 20:50

Hi fellow sabayon users. Actually know the structure via my solaris days, but....

I was prepping a new system (to sit at relative's house so I didn't need to drag laptop with me :-) ), and was copying items from /etc/X11/xorg.conf from my primary desktop. Bad habit, I "edited" the primary good file by accidentally removing a single character. oops. 8)

Thus, I installed my primary home desktop 4+ times, beating the poor owner(me) to pulp, as I accidentally had removed one character in the config file. major oops :-)

I was near the idea of buying a different video card. Fortunately, I'm a bit neurotic about backups and redundancy. I thus had a snapshot copy of /etc from every 90 days going back 2 years at least tucked away in an encrypted container on the /home raid pair :-) yippee for backups. I've always joked "disk space is cheaper than time spent cleaning out backups" which proves true once again. In troubleshooting, I also went through the process of revalidating the overclock on my amd 8350fx (4.8Ghz aircooled, but bought "on sale" water cooler to try it out....note, keep a fan moving air inside the case to cool the other various parts near the CPU. darned thing is fast as heck, no complaints, and I like supporting the underdog when they produce a half decent part like this)....

Have a good laugh. I did, really, once I knew what the deal was.

Use handrails on stairs. A nasty fall face first changes your point of view quickly, and mine permanently :-)

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Re: learned systemd fast... have a good laugh

Post by adRn » Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:40

Good story.
In the end we all laugh... hard.

That's the thing about learning.
That's why linux is fun.
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