Using Sabayon for Chromium OS Development

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Using Sabayon for Chromium OS Development

Postby WildeGeist » Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:18

First off, THANKS to all that make Sabayon happen. I have tried to do Gentoo and just could not get it right! Sabayon has opened doors to Gentoo for me that otherwise led me to stay with Slackware.

With Google working on a Project called Loon to bring Internet to more people in more places, I decided to try to work with Chromium OS and Android. I just spent weeks trying to get Slackware configured to do Chromium OS and lost EVERYTHING with # slackpkg clean-system .

I took another look at Sabayon last night, and right away downloaded Sabayon MATE and wrote over Slackware64_CURRENT on XFS. Which in my haste, I wanted to try the ZFS in Sabayon, but just let the Installer do me an LVM. I will probably re-install again in a few days to do an XFS or ZFS and lay down just the programs I need.

So anyway, I was curious if anyone here is doing Chromium or Android even, with Sabayon? And if so, could you share any tips/tricks on getting Sabayon setup optimal for this. I have another machine running Fedora 19_64 MATE for Android. But I am liking Sabayon very much, and like the idea of having Gentoo right there; which to me seems like Slackware without the fight :)

I hope nobody finds my comment 'offensive', but I think Sabayon is right up there with Fedora as far as being a nicely polished Operating System. I find Sabayon to be incredibly impressive especially when Fedora has a zillion souls creating it, and Sabayon quite a few less, yet lacks NOTHING! To me that is nothing short of Incredible!

Tips on Installing on other File Systems like ZFS and XFS and so on, and configuring for Chromium OS Development are greatly appreciated. *I have not read all that is available, so if its all obvious right here in the forum/wiki area, my apologies before-hand. I am assuming, because all prior roads led to Ubuntu, and I care little to none for Ubuntu. Sorry.
I am grateful to F/OSS and everybody involved in making F/OSS happen!
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