anyone else miss 16x10 format LCDs?

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anyone else miss 16x10 format LCDs?

Post by anomaly65 » Tue May 21, 2013 5:59

random thought for today.....

I know the manufacturing yield is better for the 16x9 "hdtv" format screens...thus lower cost overall.

but yikes. I'm even keeping my old laptop since it has a 16x10 format screen. the new ones just seem like they didn't finish growing up... and for my desktop, earlier this year I bought a couple IPS 16x10 screens shipped straight from South Korea before they transition to stubby as well.

Perhaps the logical thing is to drag the "menu/task/etc" bar to the far side of the newer screens but guess we'll all make the transition at some point 8) (or does one buy a few of them and rotate them vertically? that's an interesting look I'm sure)

In summary, I'll dedicate a few more grey hairs on my head to the subject :lol:
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Re: anyone else miss 16x10 format LCDs?

Post by sigahotcore » Sun May 26, 2013 23:36

On our laptop with WIN7 , we moved taskbar to the side. There is not enough space to read anything.
I guess you are not expected to use your laptop for anything except consuming HD content .

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