What to improve before next release?

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What ist the most important issue, which should be fixed?

Anaconda with ZFS support
No votes
Improved Rigo User Interface
Entropy with logging functionality (notices while upgrading process)
Something different
Total votes: 9

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What to improve before next release?

Post by Ryuno-Ki » Thu May 02, 2013 7:47

Joost asked on Google+ which issue should be improved first, before a new version is released.

I put the most frequent answers in a survey.
In case you choose "Something different" name it in a post, please.
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Re: What to improve before next release?

Post by Stupot » Thu May 02, 2013 16:54

I would like to see more emphasis on community feedback concerning which packages they like.

We have the package rating system, but I don't really see it being used very much. It could easily be expanded and made more useful.

When performing a search in rigo, it would be helpful to sort by most downloaded or to sort by highest rated. It would also be very cool if the community could add tags to packages (perhaps with some sort of voting as to which tags are relevant), which would improve the user experience of using rigo for everybody and take pressure off of package maintainers to do it all themselves.

We have this whole community infrastructure set up around our package management, but it's not being used at all. I think it could be improved and brought to the forefront so that people actually use it. It seems like Rigo is place for this to happen.

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